Amir Sadollah: A True Ultimate Fighter

Brian Minutoli Correspondent IJuly 27, 2009

The one word that could be used to to describe Amir Sadollah's stint on The Ultimate Fighter reality show is menacing.

Sadollah entered the infamous TUF house during the shows seventh season. With a non existing professional mixed martial arts record. It's clearly obvious that the 27 year old amateur kick boxer was far from favored to win the show.

Sadollah's first fight on the show was against the highly skilled Team Rampage wrestler and ground and pound specialist Gerald Harris. It was during this fight that the MMA world was first introduced to the strong willed and resilient body of energy know as Amir Sadollah. After being dominated for much of the fight on the ground Sadollah was quickly able to recover and pull off a stunning high light reel knockout in the second round catapulting himself safely into the quarter finals. 

Amir then faced current UFC fighter Matt "the immortal" Brown who is best known for his recent ruthless destruction of Pete Sell at UFC 96 back in March. After a fairly even first round, Sadollah found a small opening in Browns shoddy submission defense and was able to pull off a triangle choke. Not only did this vault Sadollah into the semi finals, it also showed off his ground game proving that he is far from a one dimensional fighter.

Amir's semi final matchup was against the Arizona State wrestling phenom CB Dollaway. Coming into the show, Dollaway was the heavy favorite to pull away from the pack and win the whole thing in dominating fashion. At this point in the show Sadollah was certainly used to playing the role of the underdog, and he proved it once again with his awesome Brazilian Jiu Jitsu stopping Dollaway with a third round armbar which sent Sadollah into the finals and into the arms of his teammates for a Rocky like celebration.

After scheduled finalist Jesse Taylor was removed from the card due to behavioral issues, Sadollah once again would be facing CB Dollaway. Dollaway quickly made the same mistake he vowed to never make again and was forced to tap with another gripping armbar in the first round earning Amir a six figure UFC contract and what could claimed as the MMA fighters version of the "American Dream".

Although it could be chalked up to stupid mistakes on Dollaway's part, it simply appears that Sadollah held a very large skill advantage over the other fighters in the house.

After being plagued by the medical bug on two seperate occasions, Sadollah is finally set to make his long awaited post TUF debut at his natural weight of 170 pounds. He is set to take on fellow undefeated fighter Johnny Hendricks at the upcoming UFC 101 (Declaration) in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  

It certainly wouldn't be a surprise to see Sadollah not only win the fight but to also pick up a post fight bonus, his multi dimensional fighting ability proves that he is capable of picking up any of the three bonuses.

For the first time in quite a while sadollah is actually favored to win a fight. Only time will tell if this will work to his advantage. Regardless of opinion, one thing is certain come August 8th Amir Sadollah will remain a safe bet to provide UFC fans with the element of excitement. If he can pick up where he left off he might just prove to fans that the famous reality show is certainly still capable of producing the top tier of UFC warriors.