Statistical Power Rankings After Indy

James LittleContributor IJuly 27, 2009

Here's the Statistical Power Rankings for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series after Indianapolis.


* Greg Biffle moved up four spots from 14th to 10th.

* Juan Pablo Montoya dropped two spots even though he had an amazing race, but one mistake will hurt you.

* Kyle Busch dropped two spots as well.

* Clint Bowyer dropped out of the top 15.

* Brian Vickers moved into the top 15.

#1: Tony Stewart (362.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 1st
Last Week: 1st

- Did Hendrick Motorsports give open-book access to Haas Racing last season? If so, their drivers were awful.  Stewart has taken advantage of the open-book between Hendrick and Stewart-Haas... but as questioned in a Yahoo Sports article, will that book stay open come chase time?


#2: Jimmie Johnson (321.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 2nd
Last Week: 3rd

- When it comes to Jimmie Johnson, does his wins seem unexciting? I think he's a great racer, but I guess I would have been more excited to see Juan Pablo Montoya win at Indy than Jimmie Johnson.  I will give him the shout out for passing Mark Martin to get the lead after JPM had a speeding penalty on pit road.

#3: Jeff Gordon (303.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 3rd
Last Week: 2nd

- He didn't challenge for the win, he didn't even get into the top 5 at one of his best race tracks.  Maybe he was trying some new things as he's a lock to get into the chase.  I think that back problem is more of a problem than he's letting on.  Let's hope not and he's just saving the best Gordon for the chase.

#4: Mark Martin (248 Points) - NSC Ranking: 9th
Last Week: 6th

- Four Hendrick alliance cars in the top four of the Power Rankings.  Martin is hot, he was hungry for another win and almost got it at Indy.  I guess on the last restart he should have chose the other side, that is how Jimmie Johnson got the better of him.


#5: Kurt Busch (229 Points) - NSC Ranking: 4th
Last Week: 4th

- Kurt Busch wanted to be close to Jimmie Johnson so he could keep the rivalry going and prevent Johnson from winning.  Guess that's hard to do when he finishes 27th.  Not a good day for him, guess you could say he took another week off at Indy. 


#6: Kasey Kahne (211 Points) - NSC Ranking: 8th
Last Week: 8th

- With another top ten, Kahne is keeping himself in the chase.  He still can't be too sure yet, as from his spot to 13th is only 121 points.  If he keeps getting top tens, there is no reason he won't make the chase.


#7: Denny Hamlin (210 Points) - NSC Ranking: 6th
Last Week: 5th

- After four out of five top fives in the last five races, Hamlin gives us a 34th place finish.  He has some cushion in the top 12, but he'll need to keep getting top 10's to make sure he's solidly in the chase. 


#8: Carl Edwards (203 Points) - NSC Ranking: 5th
Last Week: 7th

- Cousin Carl isn't even close to winning races this season.  I still think he's doing it on purpose and waiting for the chase to start winning.  We will find out if that is true come chase time.


#9: Ryan Newman (192.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 7th
Last Week: 12th

- After some hope last week with a 6th place run, he gives us a 14th place run.  While that's not horrible, can he get back into the top ten?


#10: Greg Biffle (192 Points) - NSC Ranking: 11th
Last Week: 14th

- He got a much needed top five.  That was after four bad weeks.  We will see if this is just a fluke or something he can build on that will get him into the chase.


Rest of the Top 15:

#11: Matt Kenseth (188 Points) - NSC Ranking: 12th

Last week: 11th

#12: Juan Pablo Montoya (184.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 10th
Last Week: 10th

- Quick shout out to JPM: This guy should have won the race at Indy, but one mistake can be costly.  With the win, he could have moved up to 6th place in the NSC Rankings, yet he loses a spot to move to 10th.  Pit road violations are violations that can't be made in the chase.  If he does, he won't have a chance at the Sprint Cup.  I hope he learns from Sunday's race and it fuels him to a win this season.  If anyone can do it, it's JPM.

#13: David Reutimann (175 Points) - NSC Ranking: 13th
Last Week: 12th

#14: Brian Vickers (174 Points) - NSC Ranking: 15th
Last Week: Not Rated

#15: Kyle Busch (155 Points) - NSC Ranking: 14th
Last Week: 13th


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