Adam Rubin Wanted A Job.

Nick AdamoCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

In a press conference addressing the firing of Tony Bernazard, Omar Minaya stated that Adam Rubin the reporter and Mets beat writer for the Daily News wanted a Job in the Mets front office.

In case you didnt know Rubin was the one who reported the incident in which Bernazard challenged minor leaguers to a fight, and is the sole reason Bernazard's behavior has come under scrutiny. 

Even though Minaya said he wasnt accusing Rubin of purposely reporting on Bernazard to try and get him fired, he was definitely hinting at it.

It was absolutely shocking when Omar said that Adam had "lobbied" for a Job in Player development, which Tony Bernazard headed.

Adam Rubin was Physically shaken by the accusation and writhed in his chair as he looked like he wanted to cry.

 It took him a couple of minutes to gain the strength to ask Omar if he was trying to accuse him of "tearing Bernazard down so he could go after his job?" Omar said that he wasnt and Rubin shot back saying that Omar's actions were despicable.

It definitely made for "juicy" television. I totally agree that Omar's actions were unproffesional as he attacked a reporter for doing his job.

Even if he wasnt hinting at bad reporting. The accusation of a Journalist wanting a job from a team he covers is a very big thing as its a huge no-no in the world of Journalism and can hurt Rubins career. Rubin himself said "How can i cover the team now?"

It seemed Omar was out for revenge as he still seemed he was upset he had to fire Tony B. The problem is now so much bigger for the Mets as their will be a huge media backlash and I think this will lead to Minaya's firing.