The Island Of Misfit Toys: Michael Vick and a Saintly Connection

Suzette Lampard BrantleyAnalyst IJuly 27, 2009

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave Vick a conditional reinstatement to the league Monday, which means Vick can play in the final two preseason games this year and then will be suspended for six weeks. After that, his full reinstatement will be likely and he should be eligible to play in Week 7.

Yes, you read correctly, Vick will be eligible to play in game seven. Some sources say that this is the latest; he could be back sooner, but week seven for sure.

Oh, the circus this will bring for the media moguls.  But I am ready for a front row seat.

Let the jockeying begin.  Let's face it:  Owners, general managers and coaches alike are licking their chops. They will be able to get him for a steal if they are willing to take a chance.

I sure hope that our very own Island of Misfit Toys is where he will find a home.

The New Orleans Saints have welcomed those deemed "damaged" or "second chancers" on more than one occasion. Once again, we will welcome him in with open arms.

Our very own head coach Sean Payton was a replacement player who got his second chance against the Saints in the 1987 scrub season. In 2005, he took a chance on the city, the biggest of second chances, and decided to rebuild with us.

Next is Drew Brees, released from the Chargers due to a shoulder injury. I'll bet their front office wished they hadn't done that!  But their loss, our gain and we love our bummed shoulder teddy bear.

Jeremy Shockey, who visited our repair shop a few too many times than expected last year, will be good as new.  It seems his stuffing was twisted due to irregular thread used while repairing his leg from a previous injury. 

I would like to take this time to thank the repair shop for all of their hard work. Although Jeremy was not ready for Santa's list, he did make an impact.  It appears that 30 of his 50 receptions went for first downs.  When Santa needed him, he led the way.

I can understand why some of the other toys may be nervous; they usually are when someone new arrives.  Luckily for us, such veteran players as Fred MacAfee and Michael "beer man" Lewis hold staff positions geared to guide the toys on their journey.

Santa, I know it is six months until Christmas, but one of your toys needs a good home to help in his rehabilitation. I am sure that Mr. Benson and his granddaughter would be happy to open the Island another time for you.

Although Mike Vick is very familiar with how to make it to the Superdome (He has visited during Christmas when he was in college) could you please send a map?

Reggie Bush can’t remember where the North and South poles are located and his GPS is acting up, showing only east and west.

I am sure the folks down in New Orleans would love to have him. They have even offered to have a Redemption party for him on Monday, November 2, 2009. They already had this date saved for their Alumni game, so the Superdome will be rocking for him against his old team, the Atlanta Falcons.