Seriously... Whats Wrong With Soccer?

John GrahamCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

First and foremost, its great to be back on Bleacher Report writing about sports again. With all this emphasis on baseball and Brett Favre, I find myself trying to find something interesting and thought provoking to write about.

Problem is, baseball is hardly interesting and I can think of nothing more thoughtless than a debate about whether or not Brett Favre is going to come out of retirement for the 93rd time.

I would write about Michael Vick's reinstatement... but I already shared my thoughts on that five months ago, which leaves me with something entirely different to talk about which is for me the biggest question I have found myself asking recently:

Why does nobody in the United States appreciate the World's game... Soccer!?

Standing out for the sake of being different is not something that typically characterizes the USA. To be honest that is more of a French thing.

So that being said, I think it is time for the United States and the millions of sports fans in this country to stop hating on a great sport like soccer simply because we are not the best at it.

In fact, there is really no legitimate reason for us to be so resentful of this game as I  will now explain.

First, our international team, despite being obliterated by Mexico last weekend, has become quite a competitor on the global level where we currently stand among the top 15 teams in the world.

Second, there are no commercials in a soccer game or TV timeouts to deal with so it is far easier to enjoy and appreciate the game.

Third, it is a game that more often than not stays competitive from start to finish.

But that just isn't enough now is it?  So I would like to ask... Why?

Many people who talk trash about soccer typically like to talk about how it is not intense enough and there is not enough scoring... I find this completely stupid considering we live in a country where the national pastime is baseball... Arguably the most boring and painful game in the history of human competition.

Others will say that they just don't get it. Well, that too is stupid because games like basketball and football are infinitely more complex. In soccer there is one basic rule... Kick the ball into the net without using your hands. If that concept leaves you scratching your head then you should get on your knees and thank God that you even got this far into my article.

Then you always hear people refer to soccer players as wimps... Really? Does only having three subs for a whole game regardless of circumstance sound sissy to you?  Does playing in all weather and slamming your head and chest into people running at full speed sound weak to you?  If so you should watch those tough guys who play baseball where that wear protective gear and don't go out to play in the rain.

Bottom line is simply there is no good reason for soccer to have no following in this country. It is a great game with some of the best in-game strategy and athleticism you can find. Problem is, people don't like to support sports where the USA is not competitive.

But there lies the catch-22. How can we put together a competitive team on a global level when a sport has no following?

If we want to be competitive we need to spread the word that soccer is indeed a great game and get young people to learn it and play it.

Now I understand that writing one article on bleacher report is hardly going to change the face of soccer in this country but it would be nice if I could reach out and get someone to give this game a chance.

Again, in case I haven't made it clear, it is a million times better than baseball but look at how obsessed we are with that.