Is Vitor Belfort Vs. Dan Henderson a Possibility for UFC 103?

Dan CareyCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

As also seen on, rumblings around the MMA world are stating that UFC 103 will have two high-profile brawls as main events.

Rumors are already saying that the current main event of Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin will be scrapped in favor of a returning Tito Ortiz stepping in for Henderson. Already a big rumor as it is—but it doesn't stop there, folks.

The newest rumors are stating that if Henderson is replaced by Ortiz at 103, Hendo won't be without a fight. Who is his rumored opponent? None other than the Phenom: Vitor Belfort.

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort was scheduled to fight Jorge Santiago before being expected to step in for Josh Barnett against arguably the best fighter in the world in Fedor Emelianenko. With the cancellation of Affliction's "Trilogy" event, Vitor, like many other Affliction fighters, are looking for jobs.

Both of these fights would be highly interesting.

On one end, you have a returning Ortiz, who has seemingly been at war with UFC President Dana White forever. Will Dana feel the need to show his dominance over the Huntington Beach Bay Boy by keeping him away from the 205 title?

On the other hand, if the returning Belfort loses to Henderson, will Vitor still be pushed to the top for a potential fight with the UFC’s middleweight champion Anderson Silva?

Another scenario is the fact that Henderson is supposed to be next in line for Silva. As you may recall, Henderson earned a rematch with Anderson after an absolutely brutal knockout of fellow Ultimate Fighter 9 coach Michael Bisping. If Vitor can beat Henderson, what happens to Hendo’s title shot?

Although these fights are complete rumors at this stage, it would be quite the feat if Dana could bring back Belfort, who is considered one of the best middleweights in the world.

It would set up moneymaking fights with Henderson, “Spider” Silva, and a rematch with Wanderlei Silva, and if Vitor is willing to jump back up to the light-heavyweight division, a fight with fellow Brazilian Lyoto Machida would bring in a large gate.

Whatever the case, it seems that Dana took in all of the criticism that was brought on with the announcement of the pending Henderson vs. Franklin rematch. You can be sure the fans will love to see the return of The Phenom.

Dan Carey also contributes to the MMA news site