Why Would Michael Vick Be a "Great Fit" for the Pittsburgh Steelers?!?

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

6 Jan 2002: Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons scrambles against the St. Louis Rams at the Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Elsa /Getty Images

This morning, I was watching SportsCenter, where they were discussing Michael Vick's conditional reinstatement into the NFL.

Chris Mortensen was brought on to talk about how it affected the league. Then they got into talking about possible teams for Vick, and Mortensen said possibly the most mind-blowing and unexpected thing he could have ever said at that particular moment.

"I can make a great case for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a two-time Super Bowl champion QB in Ben Roethlisberger. He could be a backup for him."

Oh yeah, and there is more. Mort goes on to say, "They have an interesting backup situation, and Mike Tomlin knows Michael Vick."

Consider your mind officially blown.

What?!? Why?!?

I don't really know how somebody can make even a below average case for the Steelers to get Vick, let alone a great one.

I would think that the Steelers are at the very bottom of the list of teams that could use Vick, along with likes of the Atlanta Falcons or the Indianapolis Colts. There are several glaring reasons why.

As Mort said, "two-time Super Bowl champion QB Ben Roethlisberger." Enough said...and we already have two acceptable backups in Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch.

Also, we aren't too fond of criminals. Remember, we got rid of both Plaxico Burress and Joey Porter a few years ago. Oh, and we don't like Ray Lewis too much either.

We are owned by the Rooney family, which doesn't take kindly to off-field issues (see above).

Our previous QB who could throw and run didn't work out so well. I think another "Slash" would only be detrimental to the team.

The team also doesn't need another distraction along with this crazy woman from Tahoe, making these absurd and bogus rape accusations against our quarterback.

Pittsburgh is about as good a fit for Vick as it would be for Brett Favre—and the fans of Pittsburgh would want him about as much as they would want a root canal.

Mort's comment is about as astonishing as Cris Carter's statement last year, when he said that Jeff George—yes, Jeff George—was a better quarterback than Ben Roethlisberger.

I don't know where Vick will end up, nor do I care, but I can safely say that he will not end up in western Pennsylvania.