Brett Favre says NO to Vikings- Will the Packer Nation Heal?

iowa chickCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 11: Fans wear New York Jets and Green Bay Packers Brett Favre jerseys as he tailgates in the parking lots outside of Lambeau Field prior to the game between the Green Bay Packers against the Cincinnati Bengals at the Lambeau Field on August 11, 2008 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

ESPN News has just announced after 4:00 CST that Brett Favre has decided to remain retired. He is unsure of whether his throwing arm would last for an entire season. Disappointment is widespread through not only the Vikings nation, but many other fan bases.

I did predict midsummer that he would not come back. The decision seemed just too hard to make. He would have felt more clearly he wanted to do this to commit to a full season.

I am sure we will hear more as time goes on. Brett himself has not spoken to the public.

A lot of people have had high expectations this summer, mostly Minnesota Vikings fans.

The Packer Nation has thrown pretty harsh criticism at Favre--calling him a traitor, selling Judas shirts (which if you follow the analogy would indicate Favre was selling out Jesus (the Packer Nation?) for the money, FOX naming him the biggest Diva and the Biggest Quitter (???) in sports.

Last year we all went through a very dramatic retirement and attempted comeback by our Icon. Packer Nation was divided about Brett playing for the Jets and not for the Packers.

However, the division was generally whether this was Ted Thompson's fault or Brett Favre's fault. I'm not sure if we were evenly divided or not.

This year, when Brett retired from the Jets and had surgery on his biceps tendon he had one clear suitor: The Minnesota Vikings. This blasted the top off Packer Nation as watching our hero, our legend, our icon march into the Frozen Tundra in purple was beyond anything we had ever imagined we would have to witness.

The Packer Nation was further divided as some fought for Favre's ability to play any place that would hire him, and others felt if he had ever held the "Packer love" he HAD to pass on the Vikings offer.

Interestingly few Packer fans believed he would stay retired and many villified him, assuming he would go to the Vikings to "stick it to the Packers." Those of us with other beliefs were called sissy's, Favre lovers, disloyal Packer Fans, and bandwagon fans who should be locked out.

This summer, in a break from 2008, Brett was basically silent. Early in the season he texted Ed Werder at ESPN the word "NO" when asked if he planned to unretire.

On Joe Buck Live a few weeks ago, Brett said he was thinking about playing now that he had his biceps tendon surgically snipped. He said he had been contacted by the Vikings and did not see why that would  upset Packer fans. "I think my 16 years in Green Bay speaks for itself." he said.

Just recently he was seen throwing balls and working out with the local high school as he has done the past five seasons. His comment "I'm throwing pretty good, but pretty good is not good enough for the NFL."

Brett being silent did not stop news from being reported, much of it completely wrong. Fans seemed to blame Brett for all the attention that Brett was getting and more name calling ensued.

When Brett said last week he was not going to play unless he could be assured he could play a full season and that his arm would not give out, I knew it was over. Brett was expecting both perfection and clairvoyance.

No one knows if they can last a whole season. Brett just needed to know how he would do if a coach benched because of an injury that he wanted to play through.

As I write this, Brett Favre has not yet spoken. Perhaps even for him playing in purple was too much, or perhaps, as he said, he could not be guarenteed a whole season of good health. Either way it was a deal breaker.

Well, Brett - we will miss you. You are an electrifying person and it is my hope you do not just stay on the tractor at home. I, at least, welcome you back to the bosom of Green Bay.

You are OUR hall of famer once again.