Michael Vick is the Quarterback Solution for Minnesota Vikings

Kenneth BlackmonContributor IJuly 29, 2009

First off, I want to congratulate Brett Favre on wasting everyone in the Viking Nation's time. What a melodramatic urinal cake. But, on to the matter at hand.

We’ve just had one of the most athletic and talented players finish paying his debt to society and is now on hot pursuit back to the football field. And rightly so. When Roger Goodell decides to get over his inferiority complex, he'll make the call as to when Michael Vick gets to his destination.

I'm not one to dwell on the past; we all know what Vick did and that he served his time and that everybody and their relatives had an opinion about it. Now, onto the present.

So, where exactly should Vick play? The title states it all. With the firepower Minnesota has loaded in the offensive barrel, why not add some explosive potential? With that many playmakers on one side of the ball, defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares trying to figure out defensive schemes.

What are Vick's strengths? Strong arm, God-like elusiveness, great top-speed as well as acceleration, and relevant postseason experience.

As stated before, we all know he’s been in jail for the past two years. However, natural talent like that is hard to come by, and that kind of talent isn't coached or taught. Even if Vick lost a few steps, he still should have no issues competing at a high level. Anyone disagree with that has probably never played sports before.

Minnesota’s offensive scheme is quite simple for any quarterback that winds up taking the snaps. All he has to do is be a game manager. The skill positions and the defense will handle the rest. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens are perfect examples of the potential of that scheme when executed properly.

Insert Michael Vick into a talent pool consisting of: Bernard Berrian, the league leader in deep ball receptions to compliment Vick's rocket arm; Adrian Peterson, the league leader in rushing yards to take a major portion of the pressure off the quarterback; Percy Harvin, an absolute nightmare in the open space who Vick could toss screens, quick slants, and dump-offs to.

Not to mention a “Wildcat” formation full of talent that former Arkansas head coach Gus Malzahn could only fantasize about. Don’t forget Vick’s playoff experience, something that’ll be helpful seeing as he has actually won a playoff game, something the Vikes have fallen short of since they lost Randy Moss. Though he may be seasoned, he’s still just 29. There’s a good three or four years left in the tank.

I’m sure this is all wishful thinking, but just the idea should make any offensive junkie’s mouth water. If Minnesota can make it to the playoffs with Gus Frerotte at QB, who knows what can be accomplished with Michael Vick running the offense?