Come into Our Lane: One of the Best College Stadiums Around

Jacob FlinchumCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

In April of 1964 Construction of what is Lane Stadium began.

$3.5 million later and we have one of the nations top stadiums in the game today.

Lane stadium, located in Blacksburg, VA, is the place to be on Game day.

Fans showing up as early as 6 AM to start the tailgating parties, even when the game isn't until 7:45 that night, and you can go to any tailgate and you'll be welcomed with open arms by some of the nicest people around.

If that isn't enough to get you pumped for the game ahead, just take a look at the backdrop of maroon and orange that God provides with the colors of the leaves.

Two hours to go and everyone packs Spring Rd. for "The Walk" where everyone greets the Hokie Player on the way to the locker room to prepare to gain yet another win.

Then it begins.

People start to file in like sand in an hourglass, filling the stands with their own sea of maroon and orange. Pouring in to support their beloved team and help will them to victory.

Excitement filling the air as the crowd packs this beautiful facility, growing to a massive  66,233 strong with every one of them ready to help their team out in any way.

Chatter and chants began to build and echo through the air, then the moment arrives.

Cheerleaders rush the field with signs of "LETS GO" and "HOKIES."

One side of the Stadium to the other everyone in unison

"Let's GO"


As the first chords of "Enter Sandman" blare on the PA every last Hokie fan rises to their feet with a deafening roar as they jump up and down.

Music building to the players running out on the field to be greeted by the screaming football maniacs.

The game is just beginning as the opposing team has to deal with 60 minutes of screaming and yelling where they can't hear themselves call plays.

Even ESPN's own Kirk Herbstreit showed love for the Hokie fans by saying "Blacksburg is a place that has an absolute love affair with its football program. It's a 100 percent crazy, loud stadium environment. You can go places with 100,000 people and Tech's stadium is just as oud, or louder, especially for night games."

A proud tradition has formed in the Mountains of Virginia, and those lovely confines have produced a wonderful 180-66-6 record inside Lane Stadium over the last 44 years.

Tech was 32-9 at home in the Big East Conference and, since joining the ACC in 2004 are 30-4 with an 18-4 conference record on their own turf.

This place truly is one of the greatest on gameday with the best entrance in college football, a very win lopsided record at home, and the greatest fans on earth.