Does Dana White Signing Fedor Mean Brock Can't Be Beat?

Max FischerCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2017

I have been trying to read the tea leaves on this supposed "Fedor to the UFC" deal that is rumored to come about finally.  

I really have a hard time understanding why this deal is happening now (if it really is).  It's difficult for me to understand WHY either party would want to make a deal now.  

Does Fedor really want a piece of Brock Lesnar?!  If he does he must have finally started believing his own press clippings. Because NO ONE in their right mind should want a piece of Brock Lesnar.  

The Man is fusion of an albino razorback gorilla and the sociopathic mind of Hannibal Lecter.  

If Fedor loses to Brock...which I strongly think he will...then he puts his entire career in jeopardy.  Not only his, but the legitimacy of MMA in general.  Though I don't think it should, because Brock is just a freak of nature. A human being perfectly suited for his job.  He's a true throwback to the gladiator days.  And he has true competitive greatness on top of everything else.

Then on the other side we have Dana White and his dilemma.  On one hand if he signs Fedor at all cost it could be the move that raises the MMA to an unprecedented level. It seems to me ESPN could be poised to join forces with Dana White giving the sport true legitimacy because of the financial implications of Fedor and Brock meeting in the Octagon.

But supposedly to get the deal done Dana White would likely have to make some concessions.  The two biggest ones seem to be deal breakers to me.

One is that White would have to let Fedor compete in his beloved Sambo competitions and the other is that unlike other champions in the UFC, Fedor wants the option to leave the UFC even if he doesn't lose the heavyweight crown.

The implications of this is that Fedor could come into the UFC and prove his dominance once and for all then promptly jump ship and take that legitimacy somewhere else and create some serious competition for the UFC.

So, this is what the deal comes down to: indentured bondage on King Fedor's part OR Dana White potentially creating its own UFC nemesis.

This is why I believe this deal can't get done unless there is something major I am missing.

So if my view of the situation is accurate, there can be only one way this deal gets done.  Both Dana White and Fedor Emilianenko must BOTH believe, without a doubt, they will come out on top of the Brock Lesner-Fedor match-up.

Now, I guess I can understand Fedor having supreme confidence in his abilities.  Fighters must have to be wired like this just to get into the Octagon.  Fedor has a 30-1 record to support that kind of self belief.  

But, where is Dana White getting that kind of SUPREME confidence in Brock?  Does White have that much belief in his own ability to pick winners? Or are other experts in the MMA giving White this kind of confidence in Brock?  

As it stands now I don't see this fight as Brock versus Fedor. I see it as Fedor's ego versus Dana White's in one big game of chicken.