Examining the WWE's Triple H and the Meaning of "Champion"

James HensonContributor IJuly 29, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 26: WWE wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Triple H attend the USA Network Upfront at The Modern on March 26, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew Walker/Getty Images)

The Game. The Cerebral Assassin. Whatever you want to call him, has come a long way. I think that in this age of PG-rated wrestling we are now seeing that he is the last of his kind.

True, he did get where he is, to some extent, by bedding the daughter of the owner, but you get in where you fit in, right?

Anyway, over the past five years or so, with the departure of The Rock and Stone Cold, he has carried the WWE on his back.

Now, I was never a fan of Triple H when he first started out. In fact, I hated him, but he seems to have learned to be a team player, so to speak, and for that I have become a somewhat interested fan.

I do  believe he will pass The Nature Boy Ric Flair in World Championship Titles; and to that point, I must say in Ric Flair's prime, titles where held longer and defended more than just on a monthly Pay Per View, and that's all I am going to say about that.

Does that mean that the 13 titles Triple H has held are less meaningful? No. I think not. It's just that now it's more of a soap opera and that most wrestlers have it in their contracts that they will get a set number of shots at the belt, or belts.

I feel that Triple H is a much better champion, and if this was more a real sport than a soap opera, he would hold the title for longer than he has in the past. But, hey, I don't think anybody likes to see a wrestler hold a title for over three months.

It gets boring with all the same storylines and such, but I am babbling on about a lot of different things, so back to my point.

I believe Triple H has turned more into the modern-day version of Hulk Hogan, with the music, which by the way is the best entrance theme in all of WWE, and the attitude with which he goes at his job, and the way he plays to the crowd.

I am just giving him his props, and the next Triple H, who I believe will be Jack Swagger in a few years, will have a lot to live up to.

In closing with my rambling on, Triple H, you are the King of Kings in the Wrestling World.

Please be kind with your comments. I am new to this and trying to get better. This is my third one, so if you see something I can do better please be kind in your suggestions. Thank you.