Does Michael Vick Deserve a Second Chance?

ike hCorrespondent IMay 31, 2016

The hottest and most heavily debated topic in sports nowadays is unquestionably the return of ex-Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Now that he has served his jail sentence and his two-year hiatus is now over, several questions must be addressed: Should he be suspended and for how long? Who, if anyone, will sign him? What kind of role can he play after being away from the game for so long?

Let me start with this: Mike Vick should not be suspended. His jail sentence was very long, and he's served his time. To tack on a suspension would be superfluous, unjust, and unfair.

If you take a look at another person who received an indefinite suspension, Donte Stallworth, it is clear as day that Vick should not be suspended.

Let's do some math.

Stallworth, who plead guilty to drunken manslaughter, (he was also high on marijuana, mind you) served 24 days in jail after receiving a 30-day jail sentence with additional house arrest time that will allow him to play football. So let's say he gets the maximum punishment, a full season. He will only miss one season! Vick, on the other hand, has already missed two. Now don't get me wrong, I care about dogs, but no way should somebody who recklessly ended another human being's life get off easier than somebody that was guilty of dog-fighting.

But suspension or no suspension, the question remains, who will sign Vick? No one questions his talent, which happens to be off the charts, but being away for so long makes it impossible for him to be a starting quarterback this season. With that said, he should go to a team that has a strong coach, a strong locker room, and an unquestioned starting quarterback.

For examples, the Colts, Patriots, and Steelers could all handle adding Vick. All of them are established great teams, with good coaches, strong leadership, and established star quarterbacks.

Personally, I think the Patriots are the best fit for Vick. Bill Belichik is a prestigious coach who has a tight leash on his players. Additionally, he is the quintessential mastermind, scheming coach, and will be the most adept at integrating Vick into his system. Adding Vick can help the Pats get back to their Super Bowl-winning form.

Because of his unparalleled athleticism and electrifying speed and agility, Michael Vick brings something extra to the quarterback position. He can undoubtedly help bolster a team’s offensive diversity and capabilities. Teams can add a “Wildcat” set to their playbook. No one is more well suited for that than Michael Vick.

Teams like the ones I mentioned have great winning teams, and adding Michael Vick is exactly the x-factor they can use to put themselves over the top of the competition.