Michael Vick to the Vikings Would Create an Intriguing Situation for Minnesota

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

Nobody really has any idea at this point where Michael Vick is going to end up this season.

Some people have said the Pittsburgh Steelers or even the New England Patriots are the top contenders for him.

Others don't even think he'll play in the NFL and that he'll go tear up the UFL for six to seven weeks as sort of a tryout.

There are also a number of questions surrounding his return, most notably his ability to play after almost two years away from the sport. His off-field issues are also something teams pursuing Vick need to be concerned about, not just dogfighting, but also his marijuana problem.

But put all of that aside for a moment and think about something for a second.

Vick would make a rather interesting combination with the Minnesota Vikings—especially now, since they didn't get Brett Favre to re-unretire (I guess that word makes sense when talking about Favre).

Just think about the Vikings offense with Vick: Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, and Michael Vick—three very electrifying players, all on the same offense.

Tarvaris Jackson isn't going to make Minnesota into a playoff contender any time soon, and neither is Sage Rosenfels. Favre could've, but we will never know.

Just imagine how powerful of an offense Minnesota could have with Vick as its quarterback.

Harvin has already played in an offense that used the option and utilized him in both the rushing and passing game, which obviously would translate well to a team with a wildcat formation, which Minnesota could have since they drafted Harvin.

Peterson has already established himself as the most dominant rusher in the NFL today after only two seasons in the league. He averages over 100 yards a game for his career. He's just a beast—enough said.

Now take Vick, possibly the best scrambling quarterback in NFL history, a former 1,000-yard rusher, and another player that would fit great in a wildcat formation. Put him into the same offense as both Harvin and Peterson, and you have yourself one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL.

With all three of those guys on the field at the same time, and a wildcat or wildcat-like formation put into the offense, the Vikings could become a serious contender.

Defenses would have to game plan around all three of those guys, and you wouldn't know who was going to get the ball or what they were going to do with it. It would cause so much confusion for the opposition and would strike fear into some of the best defenses around the league.

I know what Vick did was unforgivable, but he has served his time and should be allowed to get back to his career.

The Vikes don't have a good QB, and they need one to go along with that solid defense and running game if they want to contend. Vick seems like he could be a good fit there.

I'm not saying he necessarily should become a Viking, but simply that it would make a very intriguing situation in Minnesota and could possibly, if it all went well, turn them into a serious contender in the NFC.