Where Did Pick Of The Day Go?

Community MattersCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009


Pick of the Day is not going away.

Not even close.

We have gotten several emails from users asking about this very important part of Bleacher Report, and the founding team wants to make sure that people are on the same page.

We will continue to recognize a great article every day as our "Pick of the Day."

But we have changed the voting button to say "Like" rather than call the button the "Pick of the Day" button.


Why did we make this change?

Two reasons, both of which are a positive step for the company.

1) We have listened to lots of user feedback, and many people have requested that each League and Team have a similar system of recognizing great articles. To that end, we will soon be rolling out "Community Picks" to every team and league. 

Though we are not quite ready to push out this important change, we did have to make some preparations in advance. One such preparation was to change the "Pick of the Day" wording. After all, it is our hope that people will make several picks each day, and do so for every league and team that they care about.


2) Many websites in recent months have begun to adopt the term "Like" to describe a voting system where users control which articles receive distinction.

Does this mean that we will adopt every trend that hits the internet? Heck no. But we also recognize the value of using language that new visitors can understand. 

Remember that every single Bleacher Report user was brand new at one point. Everyone has a "first ever visit" to the site. As more and more new people show up every day, we want to make sure that the interface is easy to embrace.

So, the short story: Pick of the Day is staying put, even if we are making some changes to the language.

We hope that people will understand the benefits, and we look forward to having reader feedback become an even bigger part of our Community in the months to come.