My New and Improved Top 10 NBA Players

John Azam AzamCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

1. I still think LeBron James is the best NBA Player. He even won the award of being the best player. His team had a better record than Kobe's team. His stats are always great. He is only 24. His size helps him alot. He is fast and athletic.He is a all-around player. He also won mvp this seson.

2. Kobe Bryant finally won a title without Shaq. He is also a all-around player. He is turning 31. He is one of the best scorers right now. He is capable of averaging 5 apg and 5 rpg. He is a 1 time mvp and a has 4 rings.

3. Tim Duncan is 3rd in My New and Improved Top 10 NBA Players. He is a great leader. He has 4 rings and 3 finals mvp. He is one of the Greatest Power Forwards in the History of the NBA. He is capable of averaging 3 apg which is great for a Power Forward.

4. I used to have Chris Paul my fourth best player but now it is Allen Iverson. He is a great scorer even though he is only 6 foot. He never won a ring but led his team to the finals and actually won a game against Kobe and Shaq. He is a top 5 player and can score as much as anyone in the NBA.

5. It took me a long time to think about Kevin Garnett or Dwayne Wade and I finally decided it is Kevin Garnett. He is a all-around player. When he went to the Celtics he got his ring. I decided Kevin Garnett is a top 5 player.

6. It is probaly suprising I didnt put Dwayne Wade in the Top 5. He led his team to playoffs. He is the current scoring champion. He is 6 foot 4 but is a great blocker. He has 1 ring

7. My seventh is Tracy Mcgrady. Tracy Mcgrady said he willbe the player he once was so it will be interesting watching Tracy Mcgrady play this coming season. Tracy Mcgrady is a all-arounder and is a great scorer.

8. I think Chris Paul is the best Point Guard in the NBA. He averages the most steals and assists. He is 24 years old. He is very exciting to watch.

9. Steve Nash is still a top 10 player. He made passing cool. He is a great shooter. He can average 13 assists and 18 points.

10. Dirk Nowitski is a great shooter and his size is probaly why. His career stats is amazing.

Honorable Mention: Carmelo Anthony, Gilbert Arenas, Paul Peirce, Ray Allen, Yao Ming, and Dwight Howard