Leave LeBron James Alone

JackContributor IAugust 4, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 16:  NBA basketball player, Lebron James visits the hand and foot spa at Carol's Daughter on June 16, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

This summer has not been a pretty one for LeBron James.

First, his team lost to the Orlando Magic in six games, and he didn't shake hands or address the media afterward. He later said that he's a winner and it doesn't make sense for him to shake an opponent's hand after losing to him.

Then there was the dunk. He was dunked on by a relatively unknown college player and later confiscated the tape of the dunk to protect his image. But instead, that definitely did not protect his image. It made LeBron look small and too self conscious. And the dunk, which was released later on, was not as great as it was said to be.

This is a rough summer for  LeBron, but LEAVE THE KING ALONE!

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed when I heard he didn't shake hands after losing and that he confiscated those tapes. But come on, nobody is perfect.

LeBron has had a very clean reputation. He was drafted No. 1 overall and appeared on the Sports Illustrated cover when he was in high school. He exceeded everyone's expectations. LeBron year after year single-handedly carries the Cavaliers deep into the playoffs. Last season, he won MVP, and Cleveland had the league's best record.

Now, a couple minor incidents occur and all the haters have found reasons to criticize and belittle him. The media doesn't help either. Almost every day on TV, they talked about LeBron's so-called controversies. But he's LeBron James; I guess anything he does can turn into a big deal.

If you think what LeBron did makes him a bad person or destroys his image, you're crazy.

When Kobe was around 24, he had the sexual assault case, the Shaq feud, and Phil Jackson, arguably the greatest coach of all time, called him "uncoachable."

Don't tell me those are not worse than LeBron's controversies. LeBron has always been a great team leader and an unselfish team player. No one can really argue that.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing Kobe. I have mad respect for him as well. I'm just using his examples to compare and show you how small and insignificant LeBron's controversies are.

Being LeBron James, somehow he's expected to be perfect and flawless. But no, he's just human. I'm not making excuses for him, but I understand how disappointed and angry he would feel after being eliminated from the playoffs.

I don't know why he would confiscate those tapes, but hey, WHO CARES?? IT'S NO BIG DEAL. Let's focus on basketball and how good he and his team will be next year.

If you're good at something and you're famous because of it, people will find flaws and criticize you. There will be haters—that's for sure. I can't think of any athletes or any celebrities as big (not size but importance or significance) as LeBron James who is flawless and is praised by everyone.

So all the LeBron haters out there, listen up: LEAVE THE KING ALONE!!