Marat Safin: Sizzle Before You Fizzle

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2009

There are three kinds of people in this world; the first- who attend to their purpose in life without any prompting, the second-who go on about their business after being at the receiving end of a million cajoling and finally the last- the kind which remain virtually unaffected under any circumstances...

And, Marat Safin who forms the discussion of the topic at hand, is one of those rare personas who has periodically vacillated in between all of the above three specified diversification, shunting back and forth throwing a curve ball when everyone least expected it [sometimes himself included].

And, since the topic of "curve balls" has been raised, the 2009 tennis season has contributed a fair share of them till now with some repercussions still not reeled in fully; such is their force and the magnanimity!

In fact, they can be classified as "major league curve balls" and "minor league curve balls" if such terms be allowed to use.

Rafa's maiden victory Down Under, Soderling capsizing the "Rafa Raft"
at Paris and Federer mastering his Paris nerves to clinch a "Sampras equaliser", Rafa's injury forced withdrawal from Wimbledon, Federer inching beyond the coveted American defeating another American in yet another Wimbledon five setter, all of these fall in the former categorisation.

While the comeback of the prodigals- Tommy Haas, Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick forms the "minor league curve ball" digression or if we could term it in a much more subtle way: "sub-major-cum-minor curve ball genre".

These players found their unbalanced rhythm and their fans loved them getting back into their groove, it was as though they had always been there...a perfect sense of blending with the tennis canopy- once a tennis player, always a tennis player!

And yet, invariably Marat Safin's name has escaped this group of newly rejuvenated players; with his firm decision that he wouldn't be continuing past this year, his showmanship so far this year has been nothing extraordinary and something that he would want to showcase in his Tennis final year's scrap book.

All around him, his peers are playing as though there is no tomorrow and Marat seems completely unruffled, his actions don't show any iota that he won't be around next year to give it one more shot.

It's not always about winning, it's about trying...harder and harder in each and every match, there is no tomorrow, just today and this moment at hand; and  Marat somehow hasn't been playing enough...just not enough to leave the sport on a positive note.

And as the season draws to a close, Marat has still not managed to deliver a single performance that would make his fans say "Whoa Marat, that's more like you" and would proudly reminisce after he bids a final adieu to the sport.

No victory would be pyrric at this stage and considering that the amount of tournaments left has dwindled to something that can be ticked off by our fingers, Marat's chances at a final resuscitation narrows and trickles down considerably...

And, as the final leg of the 2009 season begins to see action at Toronto starting next week before finally concluding at Flushing Meadows, it would be an almost perfect end, if not completely so, to the Russian's colourful career of sorts!