Statistical Power Rankings After Pocono

James LittleContributor IAugust 7, 2009

Here's the Statistical Power Rankings for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series after Pocono.


* Denny Hamlin won at Pocono.
* Kyle Busch dropped out of the top 15.
* Juan Pablo Montoya gained four spots to #8.
* Clint Bowyer moved back into the top 15.
* David Reutimann and Carl Edwards dropped two spots in the rankings.

#1: Tony Stewart (367 Points) - NSC Ranking: 1st

Last Week: 1st
- Started from the back, again, but couldn't duplicate what he did earlier this year at Pocono and win.  Didn't really contend for the win, but finished in the top 10.

#2: Jeff Gordon (319 Points) - NSC Ranking: 3rd
Last Week: 3rd
- It looked like he was really good on the longer runs at Pocono, but would lose spots early in the runs and have to make it back up.  Eighth place finish is good, but when the chase starts, wins are going to have to start happening if people want to consider him a chase contender.

#3: Jimmie Johnson (318.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 2nd
Last Week: 2nd
- What a day for Jimmie.  Statistically, he drops a spot in the rankings, but what he and the #48 team did at Pocono was amazing.  To finish in the top 15 after that mess is nothing short of great work from that team... and some say NASCAR as well for giving the #48 three laps back.

#4: Mark Martin (261.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 10th

Last Week: 4th
- Mark Martin is really really good.  To think that he was going to retire a couple of years ago would have been a waste of this 'talent.' Just think how many wins he could have got over the last two years with Hendrick instead of being with Ginn Racing and DEI... It makes you think.

#5: Denny Hamlin (253 Points) - NSC Ranking: 5th
Last Week: 7th
- He really wanted this win.  He wanted it so bad that he had to take out two Michael Waltrip Racing alliance cars to do it.  I still think he could have won this race without hitting David Reutimann.  I guess he wanted to make up for that bad race last week.

#6: Kurt Busch (242 Points) - NSC Ranking: 4th
Last Week: 5th
- A month ago, I was saying that Busch would be a lock to get into the chase.  Even with a top ten at Pocono, he is going to have to continue to get top tens to ensure that he'll make the chase.

#7: Kasey Kahne (237 Points) - NSC Ranking: 7th
Last Week: 6th
- Kasey has been really consistent over the last six weeks.  I guess those girls from the commercials have finally let him go, for now... I bet he's hoping they don't return anytime soon.

#8: Juan Pablo Montoya (221 Points) - NSC Ranking: 8th
Last Week: 12th
- After costing himself a win at Indy, he did what any good driver would do, try to win next week.  He almost did it too, coming in second place.  This guy is ready for the chase.  There is no way this guy doesn't get a win between now and the end of the season.  I expect a win from him this weekend in New York.

#9: Carl Edwards (202.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 6th
Last Week: 8th
- In his last six races: 13th, 19th, 4th, 14th, 15th, 18th.  If you had to guess who's line that was, I would have not guessed Carl Edwards.  Is this really the same guy who won so many races last season?  Talk about an emotional hangover from last season that just won't go away.

#10: Ryan Newman (198 Points) - NSC Ranking: 9th
Last Week: 9th
- Another blah race from Newman, really didn't do anything to get us excited. If he has a bad race, he might not make the chase.  A lot of these guys just can't afford to have a bad race from here on out. 

Rest of the Top 15:

#11: Greg Biffle (196.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 12th
Last Week: 10th

#12: Matt Kenseth (194 Points) - NSC Ranking: 11th
Last week: 11th

#13: Brian Vickers (192 Points) - NSC Ranking: 14th
Last Week: 14th

#14: Clint Bowyer (189 Points) - NSC Ranking: 15th
Last Week: Not Rated

#15: David Reutimann (173.5 Points) - NSC Ranking: 16th
Last Week: 13th


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