Why Ted Thompson Needs to Be Fired as GM of the Green Bay Packers

Ron ClementsCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - JULY 28: General Manager Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers watches as his team works out during summer training camp on July 28, 2008 at the Hutson Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Reports are circulating that the Green Bay Packers and their general manager Ted Thompson are interested in signing maligned quarterback Michael Vick. Should that doubtful scenario actually come to fruition, it will just be a nail in the coffin for Thompson as GM of the Pack.

While Thompson has made some good moves, like bringing in Charles Woodson, re-signing Nick Barnett, and drafting Jason Spitz, some decisions he's made make you wonder if the guy sees the big picture.

Justin Harrell and even B.J. Raji are two guys I would not have drafted. Raji still isn't in camp, and Aaron Maybin would have been a better fit in the 3-4 this year as an outside linebacker. Talks with Raji are so far gone that the big nose tackle flew out of Green Bay on Tuesday.

There were also plenty of other players who were better than Harrell last year. Harrell got hurt again, missing Tuesday's practices with back spasms. Of course, the guy who drafted him, the genius GM defends Harrell's injury prone time in Green Bay, referring to it as bad luck.

What's really bad luck is that Green Bay has a general manager who can't admit he made a mistake.

But we move on.

The Packers did not have a single player register double-digit sacks. Aaron Kampman was close, but tallied just 9.5. So how does Thompson fix the lack of a pass rush? He and head coach Mike McCarthy cut the team's all-time sack leader in Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. Dumb.

As far as Jarrett Bush, the Titans signed him to an offer sheet, and Thompson MATCHED IT! Why? The guy makes Ahmad Carroll look like a Pro Bowler.

He is easily the worst player the Packers have had in the last 20 years, and Thompson re-signed him? That's reason enough to be canned.

Bush's bonehead moves on special teams cost the Packers the Bears MNF game, and probably another one in there as well.

Plus, with Brett Favre, Thompson and McCarthy both underestimated Favre's value in the locker room. Players play harder with Favre on the roster. You're not going to pussyfoot around with a bum toe when Favre's out there with a broken thumb.

Another aspect of Favre's game is how he could take a game over. While Aaron Rodgers played well last year, he never did that. He never once led the Packers on a winning drive in the fourth quarter. When you go from 13-3 to 6-10 with essentially the same players, except for one, chances are that one guy made a huge difference.

Favre would lose a game with a late pick, and Rodgers could be blamed for two losses last year because of poor play. But when you lose seven games by four points or less, that's on coaching and also the quarterback's inability to take control.

I put more of the onus on McCarthy. Losing that many close games is inexcusable, not to mention the fact that both he and Thompson let their egos get in the way of allowing the best quarterback in franchise history to return to the only team he had ever started for.

When you say no to the most beloved player the club has ever had, don't expect to get any love from Packers fans.