Goodbye Bleacher Report: A Tribute

Shyam ParthasarathiSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2009

As Arsenal begins their season full of challenges, I'm afraid that the time has come for me to say goodbye to Bleacher Report.

My journey began just over a year ago when I stumbled upon this website and wrote about Arsenal's 2007-08 season and how ill-fated it turned out to be. 

I certainly didn't know that the 2008-09 season would be a lot worse!

Bleacher Report has been a fabulous medium for me to put into words whatever I thought about football, Arsenal and at times, cricket. I've made many friends here whom I hope to keep in touch with for a long, long time.

I've had some wonderful times at Bleacher Report. When I joined B/R, it was quite a different website. I still remember looking to publish as many articles as I could in a day and scour various news sources to come up with something unique.

After a few months, I was appointed Community Leader of the Arsenal community, which was previously just a page. Soon Mary (Maire Ofeire) joined me as Co-Community Leader and we took the community forward to the best of our abilities.

Mary has been a tremendously helpful to all the new writers on here and during my absence, has taken on a considerable amount of responsibility. I'm quite sure that most of the Arsenal community will miss her witty contributions. It has certainly been an honour to work with her and promote our community.

The Arsenal community now has 700-odd members and it is down to your dedication that our community is so successful.

There have been so many talented writers and a number of fabulous editors as well who encourage new writers to churn out the articles when they join. (There are so many of you, and I'm afraid that I'll miss out on a few due to my horrendous memory—so I apologize for not getting into names!).

I've got an incredible amount of exposure writing here as well—and for that, I thank Zander Freund and the other creators of Bleacher Report for this fabulous website.

Unfortunately, Mary has also decided to step down as the Community Leader of Arsenal on B/R and we both have our own private reasons which are not at all related to anything going on here. It so happens that we were about to leave our respective towns at around the same time. That Mary and I are leaving at the same time is a mere coincidence and nothing else.

We'll try to come back as and when we can and comment on articles.

I leave Bleacher Report with a considerable amount of sadness, but I'm afraid this day had to come.

I wish Bleacher Report, and all of you, all the best for your future endeavors.

It's been a wonderful journey at Bleacher Report for me personally and I thank each and every one of you for reading and appreciating my articles!

P.S. We do hope that Arsenal can bring their barren run to an end with some trophies this year!