WWE | Save Us and Stop The Mockery

David PhillipsAnalyst IAugust 9, 2009

What is ECW? What does E-C-W stand for now in the new WWE?

Exactly! Silence! It takes you time to think! I know one thing it does not stand for, for sure, and that's Extreme Championship Wrestling. That company has been dead since late 2000.

Anyway, what's so Extreme about a PG rating?

I know I'm asking lots of questions, but during my time in the late 90's being a wrestling fan I flipped back and forth between RAW and Nitro (god I wish I had a DVR back then) but then there was Thunder and Smackdown and even WCW Saturday Night and WWE Sunday Night Heat.

Hell if anyone remembers WWE's Shotgun Saturday Night. All wrestling shows of either WWE or WCW but one show, the show I wanted to watch the most was ECW on TNN.

Why? It was the wrestling your momma didn't want you to watch, it was the blood and guts you weren't suppose to see, it was the language you weren't suppose to know! Hell it was a great show each and every week, it was ECW. 

So todays ECW is more like FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) on national TV. With the exception of Christian and the young guys, they really really lack talent on the show.

Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, Goldust (actually had a good match last week). Do they even belong in the WWE? And poor Shelton Benjamin was sent there to rot! (What did you do to Vince Shelton?)

ECW use to be EXTREME. It was something you didn't see in WWE or WCW and it's been imitated but never duplicated.

So why take a company's name--the name of ECW--and destroy it by making it some watered down PG show when you used to have greats like Shane Dougless (first Extreme Championship Wrestling Champ) Sabu, RVD,TAZZ, and the list goes on.

Does anyone even remember Dougless throwing down the NWA Championship and declaring himself the ECW Champion and no not the Eastern Championship Wrestling?

Check it out if you don't know what I'm taking about: VIDEO.

So WWE, here's my advice: Cut the ECW show out! Just put FCW on TV, trade Christan and Benjamin to RAW, and make your training ground a live TV show, and stop making a mockery of the ECW.

Check out this famous Foley Raven promo.

Or Steve Austin's first ECW promo.

Editor's note: Pictured above is the ECW Title in a gold and colored version.