Exclusive: McMahon-Russo Plot Revealed

Matthew MaloneyCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

I was instructed to be on level three of a nearby carpark at exactly 3.30 p.m. yesterday. 

The piece of paper with this court message, dredged from words and letters from various magazine clippings, gave me no clue as to whom...or what to look for when I had gotten there.

Often its only a hunch, an instinct that leads to the big payoffs in my profession and in this regard, yesterday's date with destiny was no different...It was simply a hunch that brought me there on that wet afternoon.

As an aspiring investigative journalist, I had by now become well aware of the stakes on the line in these kinds of arrangements: My contacts usually neither want their identity revealed nor their livelihoods compromised—and to risk doing so would surely only thwart my own attempts at a livelihood that few are privileged to in this dark, murky but often  enlightening realm of journalism.

In a way, our secret and obviously well-planned meeting orchestrated by my contact "Apollo"—which to be accurate actually took place in a nearby disused lift—was a good sign.

A rule of thumb I've learned is that the effort a prospective source is willing to go through to set up a meeting with you is directly correlated with the importance of the information the source is willing to provide.

And the object provided by my husky-voiced host in the shadows was simply...mind blowing. Vindication of my own ideas I started having about the wrestling industry since the start of the decade and definitely bigger than either me or my source was willing to acknowledge, judging by the brevity of our meeting.

It was a tape.

And on it may well turn out to be the beginnings of a storm that will rock the foundations of Titan Towers.

Here, in full, a world exclusive, and transcribed to the best of my ability, is a phone conversation between Vince Russo and Vince McMahon caught on tape that took place as recently as within the last month:

McMahon: Its Mr. McMahon here, how is everything going down there Vince?

Russo: 'Vince'! We have the same name! Isn't that so cool huh?! SWERVE!!!—I am Gorgodon!, a being from another dimension come to crush mankind...SWERVE!!!: Just kidding! I'm your favourite writer again, who shares the same cool, cool name!

McMahon: Look, uh...Vince, I was just wondering how you're handling all the recent events down there. I hear its getting pretty rough down there with you guys.

Russo: You mean Dixie? Yeah she doesn't look so happy anymore. She got rid of some of the guys that write with me, as if I needed their help.

I was thinking maybe we could bring them back, though, maybe have them do a run-in where they'll beat up the knockouts during a match. We could pretend they're like, pissed off, at all the women here in TNA. And they'll, like beat up a woman backstage every week afterwards.

And then for the PPV we'll book Dixie and Kong to face them in a tag match but...SWERVE!!! She'll join them and beat up Kong and, and, nobody would see that coming. Ever. What do you think? Huh? Huh?

McMahon: [Chuckles] That sounds fantastic, Vince, I think you should try convince Jeff and Dixie to do that. But I'm just wondering where you stand with Dixie, though, is everything okay between you guys?

Russo: [Momentary Silence] Well, I dunno sir, I mean...I'm sure she's grateful you sending me here to help her out and all...but lately she's been giving me the cold shoulder for some reason.

Yesterday, for example, when I proposed we blow up the ring—with all the wrestlers in it—she went very quiet at the meeting. I'm not sure, bit I don't think she's going to go ahead with it.  

McMahon: Don't worry. I'm sure she's uh, taking it under consideration. Just keep it up, you're doing a great job down there. Keep churning out the material, wrestling needs people like you. Whats that phrase you suggested, crossing the line?

Russo: Oh yeah, that was sweet, we were all sitting around and I was like drinking lots of coffee and stuff and like, SWERVE!!! Die Hippie Die!!...SWERVE!!! and I just said like, let's cross the line and blow up stuff. Yeah, it was so fun back then. But now...oh, I dunno sir, are you sure Dixie is okay with me?

McMahon: Positive. Like I told you a million times. I was in Subway, getting a large meatball marinara...

Russo: Yeah, Yeah, "You saw a cute woman at the counter and gave her money to set up a wrestling company just for the good of wrestling." I know, sheesh.

McMahon: Just remember, if in doubt ask yourself "What did I do in WCW?" That should make everything clearer.

Russo: Well...I did bring back that "old people making all the young people look like jobbers" storyline. I think its working fine....and I'm trying to make everyone go crazy too like David Flair and Crowbar...I think I might make Joe swerve again, this time on Tazz. Thats what'll be doing for the next couple of days. Sounds good, huh?

McMahon: Ha-Ha! That's my boy! I knew you still had it in you. Dixie will be back on your side in no time, trust me.

Russo: But sir, lately, I've been thinking, like you just said it yourself, wouldn't it be great if I went back up there with you guys?

Don't get me wrong, sending me to WCW was great and winning the World Title was fun...and TNA's great too, I'd like to win the TNA championship too soon, but I was thinking...

McMahon: Oh uh, I'm not sure I follow you..uh...

Russo: Let's take next year's Wrestlemania. Right, I've got this all written down somewhere...[shuffling] Here it is. Right. Let's bring back The Rock to feud with John Cena before WM XXVI.

But here's the best bit: let's turn the Rock gay with Cena on the big night!!! Think about it. Nobody would see it coming!! The two biggest superstars of the last decade, together, in the ring, in holy matrimony! Whad'ya think sir? Huh? Huh?

McMahon: I don't understand, what do you mean?

Russo: Look at the angle: The two biggest superstars out there...in love! It would be shocking. People will be talking about it. Everywhere.

McMahon: Yes, but I still don't get it. Why would I want to do that?

Russo: Listen, nobody will see it coming! People will be shocked! It'll be the biggest SWERVE!!! EVER.

McMahon: I understand that, but it doesn't make sense, how will it be good for the company to have our two biggest wrestlers being gay with each other?

Russo: Because nobody will see it coming. Its so unpredictable. Even those smarks on the net won't see it. And then, we could like, make Cena pregnant, and have everyone guess what's in the briefcase, I mean, guess who the father is, and it'll be like, SWERVE!!! ME!!!, and that's how I can finally come home, Vince. Whad'ya think, huh? Huh?

McMahon: [Clears throat here] Listen Vince, I have something even bigger for you waiting after you finish up in TNA...have you ever heard of something called The Ultimate Fighting Championship?

Russo: No...Will I get to be the booker? I could book the like, book the 'champion' of this thing in an ironman match against a mop though and people will hear about it pretty quick...You know Vince? Or SWERVE!!!, I could call in a favour and ask that cross-eyed midget I've booked against Foley for the title to show up there instead if you want.

McMahon: No, [cackles now] ha-ha, that's good...but no, it'll be something you're not used to. Do you like being in the ring, Russo?

Russo: Hey, you're talking to an ex-World Heavyweight Champ here. Sure I'd be up for it.

McMahon: Well I know this great ah, doctor, that could get you ready for the UFC, he's got some great uh, 'medicines' you're going to need. But listen...that's all in the future.

Right now, I just want you to concentrate really hard on what you're doing now down there. You're doing a great, great job.

Russo: Really?! Oh, thanks, sir. I appreciate you taking the time to call. Really I do. I'm going to do my best to keep Dixie in business. Mark my words, sir!

McMahon: [Chuckles] It's been great talking again. And remember: Don't call me I'll call you if we need to talk, okay? And most importantly, don't mention me to Dixie. Ever. You being there is supposed to be our little secret gift to her okay?

Russo: Yessir!! SWERVE!!!: I am Kooky Brown the greatest breakdancer on the East Side!! Yeah!......

At this point they put down the phone and after a few moments you clearly hear Vince McMahon say the words "If that wacko keeps this stuff up, I'll only have to put on one good show a year and still rake in the money off those idiots" to somebody unknown nearby. The tape ends shortly thereafter.


Well, there you have it. In full the shocking contents of the tape one man risked so much to get to the press. You may ask why reveal the contents exclusively on Bleacher, why not the mainstream media?

The fact of the matter is I have reason to believe my informer has seen my writings on wrestling on this website. Why else would he pick me? And call it another hunch...but I think my informer is a member of the wrestling section.

And if you're reading this sir, thank you. This was the scoop of a lifetime.


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