Dean Windass Testimonial Game

Adam BarrCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

Well I'm back fresh from the Hull vs Aberdeen game and thought I'd write my thoughts out on what turned out to be a very mixed event.

Just because it was a testimonial to a true legend to both Hull and Aberdeen it was a very emotional day for fans from both teams. However, certain things happened that tainted the day for me and I suspect for quite a few fans as well.



Truly this day couldn't really be spoiled. Not when it was about a man who scored the goal that promoted our club into the Premier League, the player who put commitment into everything he did and the legend who's passion for the game shone through. D

eano, at times, got himself into a bit of bother, but that was more to do with his passion boiling over into an on pitch or even off pitch altercation.

With it being a testimonial game Deano was everywhere.

From his entrance to the game where all the players and officials lined up to welcome him on to the second half where he swapped teams and played for Aberdeen for a bit.

The final hurrah was the best moment where he came back on in the Tiger's kit and played the last 10 minutes of the game.

Every fan who went to the game turned up out of respect for Dean Windass. Even the 400 or so fans from Aberdeen who travelled at least 6 hours to be at the game.

It was a truly unique experience where fans from both teams sang together for one man.


The Game

Really having said all that about celebrating the career of Deano the result shouldn't really matter, but it did.

Now going down to a 1-0 defeat in a friendly doesn't seem like a big deal, but consider the fact we are playing Chelsea in less than a week. This match wasn't very promising.

Really Mr. Brown treated the game as a training match—substituting every single player over the course of the game to see who played well and who performed poorly.

Players that stood out for me personally were Olofinjana, who looked to have not lost any fitness, and inevitably Michael Turner who still is looking better and better.

However the rest of the Hull team seemed off their game which was kind of worrying.

Aberdeen fans for some reason had it in for Daniel Cousin (can't say I blame them)  and this seemed to drive a wedge between the two sets of fans but it was still an enjoyable enough atmosphere.


The Singers

This really put a downer on the start of the match to be honest. It seems management thought to give the occasion a special feeling they would get live singers in.

Well they needn't have bothered.

Fans didn't want unknown singers warbling at them and getting them to join in.They wanted to watch a game of football.

Instead we got an embarrassing unwelcome start to an otherwise great day. I don't know what other people thought, but to me it was just bad.



Overall I enjoyed it. I can say I was at Deano's last Hull game, even if he was on 20 minutes in total and 5 of them were in an Aberdeen shirt. It means a lot to a local lad to see another local lad play with pride for his club.

So many achievements, so many memories. Thanks a lot Deano.


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