WEC | My First Event Now Im Hooked

David PhillipsAnalyst IAugust 10, 2009

Hello Folks! Tonight I tuned into Versus, not because I knew what World Extreme Cagefighting was, but out of pure boredom. I may have missed most of the show (which is being DvR'ed later tonight on the replay), but I did not miss the Main Event.

It was the undefeated Brian Bowles (7-0) going against the reigning Bantamweight Champion (I really don't know why its called Bantamweight) Miquel Angel Torres (36-1).

My first thought was these: two guys are little, with Torres being the champ and only standing 5' 9" and weighing a mere 135 pounds (probably what I weighed in third grade—Yes i'm jealous!) and Bowles being even smaller at 5'7" and 135 pounds.

My next thought was Brock Lesner would eat either one of these up, and yes I know he's in the UFC and is a Heavyweight Champion, but when I think MMA, I think UFC Tank Abott, Lesner, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, and Dan Severn.

Not to take away from this hard hitting fight—which was exactly why I'm hooked. Before the fight—based on looks alone with me not knowing anything about either fighter—I picked Bowles with those bad-ass tattoos. Not to mention the look he had. He looked like a bad-ass, a little one, but still a bad-ass.

Well as you all know by now, Bowles did pull off the big upset and it actually took a few minutes for Torres to get up after the knockout.

It was a great broadcast, at least what I saw of it. Todd Harris and Frank Mir are actually great announcers, which I really like also. I thought it was pretty interesting how they made sure you knew who sponsored who. The ring was full of sponsors and they put shirts and hats on after the fights.

I'm a big wrestling fan, which has became boring lately, and after one MMA match I'm hooked on it. I can't wait to see my next MMA event!

Hope everyone else enjoyed the fight and the event.