NBA Playoffs: Who Rocked and Who Didn’t?

Kris Carlson@kriscarlson08Correspondent IMay 15, 2008

The NBA playoffs are in the second round and already the top seeds made their presence known.

The New Orleans Hornets beat the Dallas Mavericks in five games. And they were favored to lose in the first round. The San Antonio Spurs won in five games also; they beat the Phoenix Suns yet again in the playoffs. The Utah Jazz made their presence known against the Houston Rockets, by winning the series in six games. Then the number one seed along with the new MVP, the LA Lakers swept the Denver Nuggets in four games.

Now to the East Coast Playoff race, where the Cavs, Pistons, Magic, and Celtics are the favorites in all of their matchups. The Detroit Pistons got a scare from the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers forced the series to go to six games. The Orlando Magic beat the Toronto Raptors in five games. The Magic won the first two games, and then lost one. Then the last two the Magic dominated to send the Raptors packing. The Cleveland Cavaliers had another exciting series against the Washington Wizards for the third year in a row. The Cavaliers won the series in six games. Then the Boston Celtics got tested in the NBA playoffs against the eight seeded Atlanta Hawks. The home team won each of their games. That means the series was forced to a critical game seven, which the Celtics won in dominating fashion.

All of the top seeded teams won in both the Western and Eastern conference. Now the second round is full of stories. The number one seeds have both taken 2-0 series leads over their number four seeded opponents. The two seed of the Western conference has a 3-2 series after their win on May 13.

The Lakers and their MVP Kobe Bryant are tied 2-2 for the series lead after they lost to the Utah Jazz in both of the Jazz’s home games. Now the Lakers have a 3-2 series lead over the Jazz after their win last night in LA.

The New Orleans Hornets took a 2-0 series lead after their first two home games. Then the San Antonio Spurs won a pivotal game three and a game four. So now the Hornets lead is down to only one game over the defending World Champion Spurs after their win at home.

The Boston Celtics have the lead 3-2 in the series after the Celtics won their showdown with the Cavs last night. The Celtics have shut down Lebron James in the playoffs so far, but that’s in Boston. Then came game two and the Boston Celtics just dominated the Cavaliers in all aspects of the game. In Cleveland for game three the Cavs dominated the Celtics and won 108-84. Then the Cavs took game four also with a final score of 88-77.

Now to the other Eastern Conference series with the Detroit Pistons versus the Orlando Magic series, where the series has ended. The Detroit Pistons may have lost Chauncey Billups due to a strained hamstring, but Rodney Stuckey, their rookie point guard, stepped it up during game five. And the Pistons beat the Orlando Magic in five games. The Pistons will meet the winner of the Celtics and Cavaliers series.