Schumi Says 'Sorry Guys'

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

29 Jan 2002:  Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher of Germany during the Formula One Grand Prix testing at the Circuit De Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. DIGITAL IMAGE \ Mandatory Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

We do know that a week in F1 is too long that is off the track. But today a few hours had made all the difference to so many F1 fans across the world. Some might even wake up to the news that Schumi has called off his come back. What an anti climax this to the build up to the European GP at Valencia. Now Bernie has to find ingenious ways to sell tickets out there or more importantly pardon Renault to race.

Getting back to the topic, it was the most expected race given so many equations and question we had in mind. Just the sight of watching a legend take on the younger heroes and more so the mid season fight being taken to a new team and a good reason to evaluate the Brawn supremacy.

Now whatever reason for and against his return now lay wayside and it would have been a bitter news to digest for Schumi fans. One of our readers even vouched she would get up to watch F1 for the simple reason 'Schumi is driving'. With his news the three week break had become all the more better with no testing and all the makings of a come back and sequel being written.

Schumi has said his accident during the bike race isn't healed enough to take the  Gforce of the F1 drive. Some might say we told you so. Or what was the thinking in Ferrari circles when they decided in haste to announce a driver even before Massa was taken out of hospital.

This comes at a time when F1 is at a low in its selling especially to new fans. Now we need some new ways to get new fans and make old fans also stick to it. But I can hear some say 'Schumi, it will be hard for some people to forgive you for this.'

So an end of a two week drama if I can call it had ended with his own going back into history, we will never see if Lewis did overtake him or if Jenson Button was gonna win with a Schumacher behind him.

On a personal note, I did want to write on his come back but I am writing on his not coming back. F1 does play cruel jokes, for answers, ask Kimi or Massa, when their cars have gone burst in the last lap or the penultimate ones.

And I end with my favorite line.. in F1 nothing is certain till the chequered flag is waived.