What The Red Sox Is Going On?

Joe TedescoContributor IAugust 11, 2009

NEW YORK - AUGUST 09:  New York Yankees fans celebrate the Yankees' four-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox during their game on August 9, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx Borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

I guess it was just a matter of time before the bubble burst on this year's version of the Red Sox. At the out set I was nervous because of Smoltz and Penny.

Now it seems the Sox have pulled the plug on Smoltz, and we will have to wait and see about Penny. These two guys gave them great depth, every one said so... but what if they ended up being a bust? Which seems more and more like a reality every outing. Which brings me to my next thing; Dice-K's arm (and his attitude) are on the fritz. He blames the Red Sox for his pitching woes and his lack of arm strength. When is he going to realize that American MLB is not the Japanese MLB?

He works for John Henry now and it would behoove him to wake up and smell the icy-hot. This league is the real deal and the elite hitters in this league are here for a reason (many of them for millions of reasons). Bottom line... the Red Sox have every right to expect an investment like Dice-K (153 million) to toe the line and get on board with an exercise regimen that will work for MLB pitchers here in America. The season is long here in the U.S. Dice-K's workout is obviously not working, and he needs to smarten up or he will find himself out of baseball with a permanent dead arm.

From the get go I was not impressed with Pedroia's bat. Now, I know he starts slow, but by May he should have been hitting more HRs. He was not, and still has not, but Jason Bay was swinging a hot bat so no one noticed. Now he is in a long slump too. Youkilis was also on fire, batting near or over .400, and for my money he is the Red Sox mainstay. He is the guy no pitcher wants to face when the game is on the line, and there are RISP.

He is such a disciplined hitter that his slumps are short-lived. Thank God the Sox got rid of Lugo. They now have two shortstops in Nick Green, and Jed Lowrie, neither of which is making anyone stand up and take notice. Green filled in nicely, but platooning with Lowrie has cooled his play I think. No need to stock up on more shortstops of the same caliber.

What they need are major league hitters, and they at least addressed that in Victor Martinez. I would say keep looking, and while you are at it try and bolster your pitching staff. But truth be told, it is almost mid August and that ship has sailed, as the one guy you really needed is still in Toronto, (Roy Halladay) or is now pitching in Philadelphia (Cliff Lee).

Big Papi (David Ortiz) is in a season-long slump, and all we can do is hope he will work on it in the off season. He needs to work on hitting away from the shift, and he would see an increase in his production. That wall at Fenway beckons him, and he ignores it. Where is Wade Boggs when you need him, might-be he could be hired?

Ellsbury is hitting at .301, but it is misleading, because he does not get on base enough for a lead off hitter (.349). Maybe he'll grow into the role, I'm willing to wait it out because I think he is that good. His 51 stolen bases are tops on the Red Sox by far, and the Sox need to learn how to capitalize on that.There is no need to evaluate any further down the line-up. J.D. Drew is what he is. And Varitek is on his last legs, but doing slightly better than last year. If one thru five were doing their jobs, I wouldn't be writing this.