Pro Athletes Should Just Say… “I Don't” ....Marriage Can Wait

Chuck HanfContributor IAugust 11, 2009

I am a guy who dated my lovely wife for three years before getting married last September. We’re coming up on our one year anniversary… Time flies when you’re having fun! My wife has three sons from a previous marriage and I’m obviously not someone who’s on a soapbox about not believing in the act of marriage.

I fully believe in marriage and I fully believe that a lot of the single ‘Don Juans’ out there who love to say that they live like a king and would never get married, are the types who in fact really do wish they had someone and were married. There’s nothing better than being with someone who you love and to be able to share each day with someone who you know has your back and loves you in return.

That being said, why do athletes insist on getting married while they are still actively playing ball? Why? Take a look at this from a New York times article:

Polls, studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that the divorce rate for N.F.L. players is between 60 and 80 percent, which is higher than that of the general population, where nearly half of marriages end in divorce, but comparable to athletes in other sports. “It’s a tough life to sustain a marriage,” said Raoul Felder, a celebrity divorce lawyer who represented the former wives of Mike Tyson and Patrick Ewing. “There’s a maximum of temptation and lots of money floating around. It’s a bad brew.”


This is referring to strictly the N.F.L. but the stats are pretty comparable no matter what league you want to use. I mean, I’ve said this for a long time, I just don’t get it.

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