Adamle and Roulette to Return to Raw After Summerslam

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

According to, Mike Adamle will be returning to be the guest host of the Aug. 24 edition of Raw and with him will be the Raw roulette.

The roulette was created by Eric Bischoff and was similar to WCW's Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal.

The roulette is always interesting and when combined with the fumbling Adamle, Raw could be in for a spectacular show.

Adamle returns to Raw for the first time since his resignation on the Nov. 3, 2009 show. The roulette has been on a hiatus since Jan. 7, 2008.

The roulette has always generated high ratings and was a good way of 'shaking things up,' as Vince McMahon says. The roulette has generated such matches as the Trading Places match, Strange Bedfellows match, and the occasional street fight.

Raw of course will take place in Las Vegas, so the roulette will be used in good taste and there is no possible way that the roulette can be called an 'Adamle original'.

However, the night will be unable to keep Adamle from adding one of his 'originals' to WWE's Breaking Point or for the next week's Raw.

Adamle was famous for his originals as much as he was his mistakes. He created such matches as the first-time ever match between Cena and Batista, the multi-championship match which pitted Kofi Kingston and Mickie James against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, and was the pioneer of the championship scramble match.

Adamle wasn't a terrible general manager, but he lacked the mic skills and relation to the company. Adamle wasn't really able to ever get connected to the WWE Universe on the right level.

If he had some kind of connection to the WWE beforehand, there would have been a chance for him to become a great GM. However, he did go out with a bang after slapping Randy Orton and verbally attacking the McMahons.

The show will be the perfect way to redirect the course from Summerslam to the submission-based pay per view, WWE Breaking Point.