Jamie Noble Has The Pitbull's Rage: Will WWE Push Him Or Misuse Him?

Daniel DeRoccoContributor IAugust 12, 2009

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Vince McMahon arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Ok, so with SummerSlam right around the corner, a lot is going on with the WWE.

Today I want to talk about Jamie Noble and the league's mid-card. More and more WWE talents are getting wasted, cut, released, fired or given the boot. So barely any become breakout stars.

Noble has survived but is nowhere near the star he should be.

He debuted with WWE in 2002 and quickly got pushed into the cruiser weight division, winning the title at King of the Ring by defeating The Hurricane.

For a good six months Noble had the belt until dropping it at Survivor Series to Billy Kidman. Since then Noble has taken a brief hiatus with WWE. While wrestling for ROH he won the ROH World Championship.

Now back working for WWE he has had been cut down to a useless midcarder. Noble had chances to win the cruiserweight title again but he failed when he got into ridiculous feuds with Hornswoggle, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang, Brian Kendrick, and Vickie Guerrero. He did have a decent feud with Chuck Palumbo and William Regal but hasn't done anything since.

I am a big fan of Noble and would like to see if he will get a push for a midcard title at least. But knowing Vince McMahon he won't allow it because wrestlers have to be 6 foot 3 with 250 pounds of steroid-using muscle.

McMahon said he wanted to build new stars, and Noble could be just that with a well-deserved push. He is over with the crowd regardless of face or heel.

He does his job and should be rewarded with a title after everything he has done. Noble may be small but has charisma and good mic skills. It is just a waste of talent, if you ask me, to not feature him more prominently.

Ok so to make Noble a new star like McMahon wants, the WWE creative team should give other wrestlers a chance to superstardom. So Noble should feud with whoever is champ but not a big guy like Swagge. With Kingston as champ he is more than likely to drop the belt at SummerSlam.

Noble can be put in a program with Kingston or The Miz or whoever is champ. He can show McMahon and management that he can do something for once if given the chance.

Just what does he lack as a competitor? Size. But he still deserves more.

I don't think his shot will happen now but eventually. So it is up to McMahon to decide Noble's fate.

Like other midcarders they will be buried by bigger names. Enough with Cena and Triple H and Batista. Younger stars have to out their egos aside. Then again if I want Noble to be on top he needs to so his work. to keep his mouth shut and do what he is told.

To end this article I want people to read this and comment when they do.

Noble deserves better!!!!