Do the Tigers Have the Best Rotation in Baseball?

Chris DanielContributor IAugust 13, 2009

After acquiring Jarrod Washburn at the trade deadline 2 weeks ago, did the Tigers transform their rotation into the best in baseball? Let's take a look.


Justin Verlander - 12-6 3.45 ERA 186 K 1.19 WHIP

Justin has been absolutely dominant at home this year, going 7-1 with a 2.11 ERA in 12 starts, but has struggled on the road, as have the Tigers, going 5-5 with a 4.68 ERA. Justin also struggles in night games (4.53 ERA), but is lights out in day games (1.74 ERA). But, despite the road troubles, Justin is still considered a strong Cy Young candidate.

Edwin Jackson - 8-5 2.79 ERA 120 K 1.16 WHIP

Like Justin, Edwin has been lights out at home, going 5-1 with a 2.79 ERA, but his ERA on the road is also 2.79, but has a 3-4 record, which proves that the Tigers do not give their pitchers much run support on the road. If Edwin cant get to 15 wins by the end of the year and keep his ERA steady, he will also be considered a strong Cy Young candidate.

Jarrod Washburn - 8-7 3.12 ERA 84 K 1.12 WHIP

Jarrod has not performed well since coming to Detroit, going 0-1 with a 8.74 ERA in two starts, but before that, he had a 2.64 ERA that was tied for second in the American League with Edwin Jackson. He has been relatively steady at home and on the road this season. Jarrod is not a very strong Cy Young candidate, but has received a bit of attention due to his low ERA and WHIP.

Rick Porcello - 10-7 4.34 ERA 57 K 1.40 WHIP

Rick has been very consistent as a rookie this year. But, he is unlike the other Tigers pitchers. Porcello actually has a better ERA on the road (3.81) than he does at home (4.93). Porcello will not be considered a Cy Young candidate at all, but could be in the running for Rookie of the Year.

Armando Galarraga - 6-10 5.23 ERA 79 K 1.54 WHIP

After pleasantly surprising the Tigers last season, Armando has fallen off a bit this year, and has the fifth most losses in the American league. Ever since April, Armando hasn't been able to turn it back on and he has only won three games since then. In my opinion, the Tigers needed to make another deal at the deadline to get a five starter to replace Galarraga, but for now I guess we will be stuck with him.


What teams could possibly have a better rotation than the Tigers?

St. Louis Cardinals - Chris Carpenter (12-3 2.27 ERA), Adam Wainwright (13-7 2.73 ERA) Joel Piniero (10-9 3.22 ERA), Todd Wellemeyer (7-9 5.67 ERA), Kyle Lohse (5-7 4.34 ERA)

San Francisco Giants - Tim Lincecum (12-3 2.19 ERA), Matt Cain (12-4 2.44 ERA), Barry Zito (8-10 4.40 ERA), Jonathan Sanchez (5-10 4.61 ERA), Ryan Sadowski (2-4 4.45 ERA)

Los Angeles Dodgers - Clayton Kershaw (8-6 2.73 ERA), Randy Wolf (6-6 3.43 ERA), Chad Billingsley (11-6 3.73 ERA), Hiroki Kuroda (5-5 4.21 ERA), Eric Stults (4-3 4.86 ERA)