So Many Boards, So Many Choices... Which Surfboard Is Best?

John BurtonCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

A lot of people have questions about which surfboard to get, which is best, and what are the differences.

Luckily I work at a surf shop that allows me to demo a variety of epoxy surfboards. At first I was leery of the epoxy boards. They even feel different when you touch them.

So I started doing research on these boards before I starting riding them. Once I started riding the boards it changed the way I look at surf boards for better and for worse.

Just like cars, epoxy boards have a lot of different manufacturers and just like cars some are better than others.  In addition to different companies, these boards also have different levels of epoxy, with some being stronger and others lighter.

In my opinion, two of the better companies are Surf Tech and Global Surf Industries.

Both companies have beginner to intermediate boards.

The absolute beginner boards, in my opinion, are a terrible buy. Just buy the next step up. Both, Surf Tech and Global Surf makes these boards. These are soft top surf boards. They are heavy because they are over built and use a heavier duty epoxy which allows the beginner surfer to beat the board around without hurting it.

The top of the board has a soft grippy surface which does not need waxing. This material on the top on these boards also wraps over the rails making it turn slower.

Another downside about the soft tops is that the surface of the board will rub your skin raw.

These boards are great to learn on, rent them if you have to, but I don’t recommend buying one.           

The next step up would be Global Surf’s NSP, also  known as New Surf Project. These boards are the best buy for a beginner.

The boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes anywhere from short boards to a stand up paddle boards. These are durable surf boards and have a more aggressive shape to it compared to the soft tops.

The NSP boards are what I try to sell people for their first board, mainly for the reason that short of throwing it under a car, you can’t kill this board. It also comes at a great price too. Here is an example of the prices of two different boards for two different people.  

The ideal board for a kid that weights 70 to 120 pounds would be a 7’2’’ egg. It comes with fins, tail pad, and a surf leash for around 470 dollars. While on the other hand for an older man anywhere from 170 all the way up to 200 pounds, a 9’2’’ long board would be perfect for 585 dollars.

The only downside about these boards are they are not the best surf board in the world. You might not win a competition but you are going to own this board for a while.      

The higher end epoxy surfboards are light as a feather and are highly responsive. They turn harde, go faster and they are still durable enough to hit with your fist without dinging.

These high end boards are like a dream on the water. The boards will turn on a whim and will tear down the line. The downside is that if you’re not careful, you will actually outrun the wave with some of these boards, or it at least feels that way.

You should start saving you money because the short boards, fun shapes, and long boards start at 545 dollars and can end around 1200 dollars. While the paddle boards go all the way up to 1600 dollars. That’s just the board, not the paddle included.

So whatever you plan on buying for your kid, yourself, or even a special someone, start saving and we hope to see you in the water soon.