Grapplers Need Apply Only: Solving Brock's Hammerfists

jason hughesContributor IAugust 14, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY - MARCH 11:  Center Dexter Pittman #34 of the Texas Longhorns grips the basketball with one hand before a freethrow shot during the Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship at the Ford Center March 11, 2009 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

No, really this comes across as a joke and a barrel of laughs but as a fighter myself I have often wondered why a ham fisted Lesnar hasn'nt had those short repetative hammer fists reversed or solved by now.

Tapping a fight and putting down the old slow mo does reveal the most glaring tecnique with this finishing manuver, a beast of a man who has mickey mouse hands all the while using his massive strenghth to make sure the head stays in it's designated spot.

From Curitiba to St. Petersburg martial arts coaches have to be  scracthing there heads, just trying to come up with a way to stop this devastating kind of short stroke repeat style of hitting, which probably seems to be the nail in the coffin ,but I have always thought that it was more flash than substance with the competitor usually already looking for his car keys.

I really do feel that this will be his downfall someday thinking that his opponant is really hurt and turns the hydraulic pumps on a little too early...but how do you reverse that? I have had some theory's but every time I think about it something seems to throw my theory out of whack.

I have thought of judo, sambo ,bjj and I really havent found a great sure fire reversal to the powerful short drops. I know that the legs could get behind the neck but it is two fold with Brock, not only does he not bring his fist up very high for a person to go for wrist control it's the speed and constant motion that is deployed.

His neck is as wide as a four lane highway.

For controlling this manuever I believe first it would take someone with equal to close as the same strength as to pull the arms to the body, then get your bearings and just maybe a quick lock of the legs around the neck and a fast roll over.

This is all fantasy of course because he seems to be very to way to destructive before hand and all of his ground and pound seems to just be icing on his cake.

Show me a heavyweight with a devastating liver kick and I will tell you that somebody's gonna figure him out, I just think that it could be a while before Brock is beaten fair and square.