Why the Fernando Alonso To Ferrari Deal Will Not Materialize...

Muffakham Shaheriyar@@muffakhamCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

16 Sep 2001:  The Prancing Horse of Scuderia Ferrari during the Formula One Italian Grand Prix at Monza in Italy. \ Mandatory Credit: Clive Mason /Allsport

Rumour Mill says Kimi will be paid out blah blah.....

But it won't happen............


Because lets face it Alonso a great driver nonetheless but isn't a team man.

Evidence: McLaren and Renault.

He will surely recapture your imagination but think it would de stabilize Ferrari.

Besides Schumacher wont support it and Montzemello would agree as would others because if u add two great drivers you get only a messed up team.

When Ferrari got Kimi they made a gamble that paid off

Kimi won that year but it let Massa develop without him having to take the pressure of the team.

Now if they sign someone new it will be someone new and young with talent like Vette.l Alonso would be a disaster because then u have Massa and Alonso two contenders and then McLaren saga will be re-run cumulating in Alonso leaving Ferrari for Renault(Tricky??)

And effectively damage Scuderia Ferrari's team spirit because face it A fit Massa is going to be our main driver.He is Micheal's protege and when Schumacher speaks you better listen................

If Massa isn't fit then maybe Alonso to Ferrari might materialize

Or else we may see a re-run of Contador-Armstrong saga.