Latest Favre Rumors Could Lead to Hollywood Horror Flick [Humor]

CK KorhonenCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

Hollywood executives are using the latest comeback rumors about Brett Favre for the basis of a movie franchise.

Jay Glazier of Fox Sports recently reported that Favre still may indeed come out of retirement again and play in his 19th NFL season for the Minnesota Vikings.

"The fact that Favre's name never dies when it comes to sports and his retirement rumors gave us the idea of making him into some kind of new horror movie villain," said Hyman Zuckerstein, President of Fox Studios. "He will be a modern day Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. They just never die. Just when you think they are gone. Bang! They reach from their graves to grab you by the throat."

"This could be huge for Favre," Zuckerstein added. "His is one of the most popular athletes ever. Putting his name on a hot genre like slasher flicks is going to be box office gold for us."

There are even rumors that Favre may be used as the primary figure in a political thriller as well.

"George Bush called himself 'The Decider.' With Favre, we could have him be the Undecider," Zuckerstein said. "He would be running the country during some sort of crisis and he is unable to make up his mind about what to do. The tension would be thrilling!"

Regardless of the role, it looks like Favre could have a bright future in the movie industry if he stays retired, or plays and retires again.

One anonymous Fox Studio spokesmen hinted that Favre may be recreated as some kind of killer zombie who keeps coming back from the dead only to feed on brains, or media attention.

"He would be perfect as a zombie," the spokesman said. "Didn't you see his performance in Something About Mary? If that isn't a zombie I don't know what is."