Who's To Blame More Ted Thompson Or Brett Favre.

matt maldoContributor IAugust 19, 2009

True Brett Favre couldn't make up his mind at the end of the NFC Championship when he thought he would be the starter the next season. Well, he thought wrong because Ted Thompson decided he didn't want him anymore, so he sent him packing to New York. So, was Thompson right or was Farve right? In a sense, they are both to blame because Ted Thompson had to look towards the future as Favre's best years were behind him.

Favre is to be blamed because he couldn't make up his mind in time, and he was holding this franchise hostage, and, let's be real, at some point they had to go in a younger direction. It's pretty obvious that Favre's body gave out on him last year with the New York Jets, and that he really wasn't into playing for them. He would have rather played for Green Bay Packers, or the Minnesota Vikings, his new team. I don't know if he came back just to get back at the Packers, but if he did, then it's probably gonna end badly.