WAC and MWC Football Fans Don't Even Think BCS This Year Please!

MetropolitansCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

After another off-season of hearing Utah Utes fans cry and self declare themselves "The true 2009 CFB National Champions" I'm obligated to inform MWC, WAC, and MAC fans don't get your hopes up.

I feel for the Utah's of 2004 and 2008 as well as the Boise St team of 2006.  You had a schedule, you played it, won every game, and oh yea won your BCS bowl.  Congratulations going undefeated in any conference is not a walk in the park by any means.  But learn your lesson!

If the Utes of 2004, Broncos of 2006, and Utes of 2008 went undefeated and didn't get a title shot because of their weak record why would 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. be any different?

Schedule some out of conference competition.  If you are national championship caliber all 4-5 out of conference games should be against top caliber teams or at least from BCS conferences to make up for your conference schedule.  Yet you fail to do so.  Let me show you what I mean.

Team - (2009 SOS from Phil Steele) - OOC BCS teams - OOC other opponents


BYU(71) - Oklahoma, Florida St - Tulane, Utah St
TCU(88) - Virginia, Clemson - Texas St, SMU
Utah(81) - Oregon, Louisville - Utah St, San Jose St
UNLV(74) - Oregon St - Sacramento St, Hawaii
Air Force(89) - Minnesota - Nicholls St, Navy, Army
Colorado St(78) - Colorado - Weber St, Nevada, Idaho
San Diego St(102) - UCLA - Southern Utah, Idaho
Wyoming(44) - Texas, Colorado - Weber St, Florida Atlantic
New Mexico(73) - Texas A&M, Texas Tech - Tulsa


Boise St(111) - Oregon - Miami(OH), Bowling Green, UC Davis, Tulsa
Nevada(94) - Notre Dame, Missouri - Colorado St, UNLV
Fresno St(92) - Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Illinois - UC Davis
Louisiana Tech(93) - Auburn, LSU - Navy, Nicholls St
San Jose St(65) - USC, Stanford - Utah, Cal Poly
Utah St(80) - Texas A&M - Utah, Southern Utah, BYU
Hawaii(100) - Washington St, Wisconsin - C Arkansas, UNLV, Navy
Idaho(107) - Washington - Northern Illinois, Colorado St
New Mexico St(96) - Ohio St - Prarie View A&M, UTEP


Now what do you suppose would happen if Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, LSU, Georgia, Michigan, Michigan St, Ohio St, Penn St, Notre Dame, USC, Virginia Tech, Miami, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, etc. played those schedules every year?  I'm willing to bet there would be quite a few undefeated teams.

I don't understand how these teams can keep crying for being "snubbed".  This is the third time this has happened and you have Boise St still scheduling Miami(OH), Bowling Green, UC Davis, and Tulsa.  Change you out of conference match ups to play some powerhouses and we'll discuss BCS.  Until then enjoy you're division II football.