Mariners-Tigers: Detroit Tigers Provide Rail for Seattle's Pursuit of Glory

John PearsonContributor IAugust 21, 2009

SEATTLE - AUGUST 12:  Mike Sweeney #5 of the Seattle Mariners bats during the game against the Chicago White Sox on August 12, 2009 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

In life, it seems everyone comes across a time or two that in the attempt of some awesome act of heroism one will crash and burn with such poetic yet brutal grace they will attain glory to be remembered in a form previously unconsidered and unintended.

This morning, as I was continuing my pursuit of readying nearly 200 student apartments for move-in, when a dreadlocked crew of hooligan skaters adequately judged my lack of admiration for the no skating policy and made their break. 

The daredevil of the group darted up the stairs quickly throwing down his board at the far end of a second story porch. 

He then fearlessly approached the railing, kick-flipping into a front-side grind down the rail. 

This kid, in his dismount caught a toe and flailed face first into a freshly painted barbecue. 

There was bass in this thud, leaving the barbecue violently vibrating and rattling.

His friends, one laughing, one video-taping, and one shocked weren’t sure what to do. 

It wasn’t until the daredevil picked himself up off of the ground and, through what I won’t dare call a smile, smiles require teeth, simply proclaimed "glory dude", that I knew he was okay. 

By the end of my lunch break the Mariners were going with the big fly off of former teammate Jarrod Washburn, accruing a 6-2 lead over the Tigers courtesy of Jose Lopez, Mike Sweeney, Kenji Johjima, and Russell Branyan home runs. 

As I painted away at the walls of the never ending apartments, a rain storm hit Detroit delaying the game 58 minutes with three Tigers on base. 

When play resumed, the Tigers provided a three-run rail for the Mariners' pursuit of glory. 

The Mariners' defense desperately grasped to dwindled one run lead in the eighth inning by way of an outstanding over the shoulder catch by shortstop Josh Wilson. 

In the ninth, Don Wakamatsu sent closer David Aardsma to the hill. 

Walk, pop out, double, mound visit, sac fly, single.

"Glory Dude".

Mariners fans, grab a beer, kick up the feet and bask in it.

It's $5 burger and a brew night at the O-Bar if anyone needs me.

Mariners lose 7-6.