Real Madrid v. the Whole World: A Love/Hate Relationship

Rami JContributor IAugust 21, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - MARCH 22: Marcelo (top) and Sergio Ramos (C) of Real Madrid celebrate with their team mates after Madrid scored a second goal during the La Liga match between Real Madrid and UD Almeria at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on March 22, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.(Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

A few days left for the new season to start, and every anti-madridista and every writer in the whole world are waiting for there first fall to start talking and writing about how money will never buy you success!

Even now I have been reading everywhere how they will fall like the first Galacticos project failed—but wait a second; did they fail?

How is a team full of stars and brought home a Champions League, two La Liga titles, a Super Cup, and Intercontinental Cup considered a failure?

The downfall of the first Galacticos started only when foolishly Perez and co. decided that defense is not as important as attack, and they wanted to bring back the days where the motto was, "It doesn't matter how many goals we conceded as long as we score more!"

So they decided to sack one of the most successful coaches ever to be in the white house, and terminate the contract of the main defender not only in Real but also in Spain—that is Hierro—and laughing at Makelele's claims of a little pay raise as an appreciation of his hard work.

So they brought in a coach who knows nothing about football, all he knows is how to translate between Sir Alex and the team members when needed, and they got no replacement for the departing leader of the defense and the team, and no one to play the Makelele role.

Then was the little thing called instability of the team, coaches changed like Perez changes his shoes, and yes the matter of the lobbies inside the team, the Brazilians against, well, everybody. I am not saying it's their fault, but it didn't help either. Then how do you expect a team full of flaws to keep winning?

Here you go, a team full of stars and no runners, ego to the roof, and no humble players to balance it up. And no coach to handle them, so it was inevitable that they would start to fall down from grace.

Go on three years and no titles, no flair, and no team.

What is the difference now? Why all the Madridistas are full of hope, and the whole world full of fear and envy? Why are certain people now saying money will never bring success to a team?

The difference is on paper the team is well balanced, the depth in the squad is surprisingly amazing, the weak links of the 2008-2009 team are gone, the players who have been brought in are considered as the best in their positions, and yes a coach who can actually command all this ego and power.

Domestically, even I really wish they succeed from day one and go on to win La Liga, I think they will not, I wrote before about how they should concentrate on CL, simply because they need time to gel, and reach that point of understanding that we see in Barcelona...but if they came second and pushed the Blaugrana to the max can we say they failed? I don't think so.

No team ever in the world dared to change most players in one season like they are doing now, and yet I think they will manage to win either the CL or Copa del Rey this season.

Some die hard fans of English teams are being very critical of the way Real spend money, and they are saying they hate the team mainly because of it. Well I would believe that for sure if I was a 7-year-old who had no clue what football is, or how the english teams go to the market.

Is it okay for Man United to spend abouve £30 million on a certain Berbatov, and not Real spending almost the same on Benzema?

Chelsea can buy players for an enormous amount of money but Real can't?

How they expect us to believe them when they talk this kind of of nonsense??

Laporta commented on Perez $94 million deal that it is crazy and he would never go to the market like him, and then he goes on and pays almost $70 million for Ibrahimovic.

Then came MU for Aguero with $40 million, Chelsea tried to bid for Ribery $55 million, even Barca attempt to get Fabregas for $45 million.

I guess everyone can pay over the odds when you are not wearing the white T-shirt.

I admit we got screwed on Alonso's deal, and the selling of Huntelaar to AC Milan. But give credit to the other teams to raise their price when they know it's Madrid who is buying—after all business is business.

And now money is the enemy of all teams, and everyone hates to have money to buy players they need.

This is what they have done actually, people might think they just spend the money just for the sake of it, actually they needed everyone they bought, maybe with the exception of Benzema which I think they got him because they failed to get Villa, but still they assembled a team every one on earth wish they have them.

Perez said before he even started that he is doing a three year jobs in just one summer, and love him or hate him, I don't think any one can actually do what he manged to do.

Conclusion: no matter what happens in this crazy game called football, Real Madrid will always be the team to beat, even when they are down still everyone talks about them, and wants to have a piece, and when they are up and running, everyone is scared in their pants, and wish they will fail.

I still think it is just the 20th century title that all the big guns wanted, and failed to win it.

Me on the other hand, I can't wait for them to show everyone, and every team what they are capable of, as soon as they kick in there fifth gear, watch out Europe.

Hala Madrid


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