Tito Ortiz Is Bad for MMA—This Is Gonna Hurt

Jen AnianoSenior Analyst IMay 18, 2008

Many UFC fans are not hardcore MMA fans.  Let's face the facts, the UFC is gaining popularity as professional wrestling has gained popularity. 

Love of the sport is not the only reason people watch; love of blood and the possibility of gore also entices crowds. I guess the same logic applies to people watching NASCAR for the crashes. 

But is all of the male soap opera hype going to hinder the sport of mixed martial arts? 

While I certainly support the argument that the male soap opera antics of fighters like Tito Ortiz will win over crowds, I most certainly do not believe that it adds to the credibility of the institution that is mixed martial arts.

I believe professional wrestlers work very hard at what they do. But we all know it is fake.  Although it is backbreaking work, the fact remains that it is fake and scripted. 

MMA and the UFC however is real, raw, and features unscripted competition. 

So why taint it with story lines?

The whole feud situation, anyone who knows anything about UFC knows Ortiz and White have issues, makes it hard for me to want to be a part of the UFC fan network. 

I love MMA because of what it is.  I do not want what happens on the outside affecting the viewing of the fights.  The feuding does not speak to the seriousness of the competition.

Seriously Tito, if you care that much about your fighting career and about your many fans why are you letting White get in between you and the cage? 

Do you really think White needs you so badly that he would apologize to you and beg you to step inside the cage and fight a few more for him? 

Get over yourself and stop turning one of the last pure sports on Earth into the money grubbing institution it has now been slated to become.

There is no argument here: if Ortiz's book, This is Gonna Hurt, is completely truthful he has had a hard life.  Good for him for getting through it and becoming a decent fighter. 

But he did release his book just in time for everyone to think he deserves sympathy. 

Could this have been a ploy to pull fans from the UFC to wherever Ortiz might end up? 

I cannot say for sure, but I can say his antics are ruining what is special about MMA and even the UFC. 

And I cannot end the article without saying: Matt Hughes you most certainly are not The Most Dominant Champion in UFC History. Can you seriously claim that?