Dolphins Camp: Random Notes

john renshawContributor IAugust 21, 2009

The Fins face their second feline foe when they take on the Carolina Panthers Saturday night.

Miami beat Jacksonville 12-9 in a rather uneventful preseason opener.

The only player to get in the end zone was former Jacksonville wide receiver Ernest Wilford. He is now trying to make the roster as a tight end for the Dolphins. Most insiders don’t think he will make the roster. He was a huge bust as a free agent pick up for the Dolphins last year when he was still a wide receiver.

Is it me, or does it seem like every other team in the league has already played two more games than Miami?

I’ll have to get my crack staff on this, but I wonder how many other teams in NFL history have an exhibition scheduled like the Dolphins do. Every team that Miami plays in the preseason, they also play in the regular season.

That’s bananas yo. And it leads me to believe it will be a pretty vanilla month for the Dolphins, as they won’t want to show too much against their future regular season opponents.


Even though Conner Barth was brought in to give Dan Carpenter some competition, there is no way Carpenter loses his job. I am getting sick and tired of people that say his job is in jeopardy.

Eric Green’s job is not in jeopardy, it is nonexistent. He was cut after a pathetic performance against Jacksonville. The former Arizona cornerback was picked up by San Francisco immediately.

Green and all of the backups in the secondary must make Miami fans seriously worry. If one of the starting corners goes down, Miami could be in big trouble.

They will be starting a rookie, Sean Smith as it is at right corner. And as I wrote about earlier this camp, he is freaking awesome. He gave Torry Holt all he wanted, and had an interception.

Vonte Davis was not so lucky. He made three horrible plays against the Jags, but was strongly defended by his head coach in the following days.

The Dolphin’s blitz schemes were very effective against Jacksonville. The Dolphins offensive line did not produce many running holes however.

More notes to come tomorrow in our preview as the Dolphins get ready to battle Carolina.