Green Bay Packers Mid-Preseason Grade: Three "F's"

CK KorhonenCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 22: Running back Ryan Grant #25 of the Green Bay Packers jumps in the stands to celebrate with fans after scoring a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills at Lambeau Field on August 22, 2009 in Green Bay. Wisconsin.  (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Yes, I will say it. The Green Bay Packers have earned three great big F's in the preseason so far.

Those F's are for Fighting for dominance on both sides of the ball, Flying around the field, and having Fun.

Sure its still just the preseason, but there is a swagger and confidence in the Packers that I haven't seen since the Super Bowl teams of the mid '90s.

The first string offense looks like it expects to score every possession. They have been nearly flawless in both preseason games. Aaron Rodgers looks in complete command on the field and has moved the ball almost at will.

On the defensive side of the ball, there isn't many negative things to say, especially on how well the unit has adapted to Dom Capers' 3-4 scheme.

The defense has been pressuring the quarterback, keeping opposing offenses from scoring and creating turnovers. Nine takeaways in two games is impressive no matter what time of year it happens.

Additionally, the depth at linebacker looks phenomenal. Back-ups Brandon Chillar and Desmond Bishop have been nothing short of stellar making plays and looking like contenders to take time away from Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk.

Overall the team looks like its enjoying playing the game and confident in their abilities, something winning teams do.

Of course there are some areas of concern.

The Packers offensive line is still committing too many penalties.

The punting position is up for grabs and both punters still look inconsistent at best.

And Brian Brohm? Well, those sweaty hands of his don't look like they will be throwing too many more passes for the Packers.

However, depending on the severity of Matt Flynn's arm injury, he could remain on the roster a little longer. But don't be surprised if a veteran quarterback gets signed by the end of the preseason and Brohm is gone shortly after.

Even though the regular season doesn't start for two more weeks, there is plenty to be excited about because of the Packers performance so far.

And if they keep up the fun they are having, continue flying around the field and fight for every yard, there is no reason this momentum can't carry through to when the games matter most.