In a Good Night of Fights: Diaz Gets a UD Over Malignaggi

Jody WagnerContributor IAugust 23, 2009

LAS VEGAS - JULY 15: Juan Diaz looks on before his WBA lightweight world championship fight against Randy Suico at the MGM Grand Garden Arena July 15, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Diaz won the fight by TKO in the 9th round.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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August 22, 2009
Jody Wagner
Coming off a 9th round TKO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, Juan "The Baby Bull" Diaz had something to prove.  He didn't really do so tonight by beating Paulie "The Magic man" Malignaggi by unanimous decision.
Everything was stacked in the favor of Juan Diaz.  The fight was in Diaz' hometown.  Paulie Malignaggi had to get down to 138 1/2 lbs which wasn't that easy when he has had a hard time getting down to 140 lbs.  The ring was small which was thought to be to the advantage of Diaz.  Malignaggi has had a hard time against high pressure fighters.  Juan Diaz is a high pressure fighter.
Juan Diaz was supposed to win this fight.  I thought he did that, but it wasn't impressive.

How I saw the fight round-by-round:
1st Round:
Malignaggi looked extremely fast.  He came out landing his jab continually.  Diaz kept coming foward but was mostly just a target.  Malignaggi boxed great.  At the end of the round Diaz got in a right hand that cut Malignaggi above his right eye.
Commish: Malignaggi 10-9
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9

2nd Round:
Malignaggi came out jabbing well again but Diaz soon got him in tight and unloaded on Paulie.  The round continued much the same.  Diaz went to his corner with a cut by his left eye.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Diaz 10-9
3rd Round:
Malignagii landed some good shots early. It had been a good fight up to this point.  Both fighters were cut but still showed a lot of energy.  Diaz landed some hard shots late.
Commish: Even
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9
4th Round:
Much of the same.  Malignaggi landed a bunch of jabs and Diaz landed a bunch of harder shots. Malignaggi looked shaken at one point this round but came back strong.  Both fighters still had a lot of energy.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Diaz 10-9
5th Round:
Malignaggi didn't jab as well as he was at the beginning of the fight and Diaz began landing more and more power shots.  This referree (Laurence Cole) was horrible.  He kept stopping the action to warn the fighters for very minor things.  Malignaggi suffered this round by not jabbing like he did earlier. Diaz was cut again and the ref ruled it an accidental headbutt.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Diaz 10-9
6th Round:
Malignaggi has stopped boxing and is now exchanging shots with Diaz.  This was a big mistake.  Diaz won big in these exchanges.  The ref stopped the action again to warn Malignaggi for holding Diaz' head down.  Come on ref!  It was so minor.  Diaz' left hooks to Malignaggi's body won this round for him.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9
7th Round:
Malignaggi got back to his jab and boxing.  He's listened to his corner as they firmly told him to fight like this.  In the middle of the round Malignaggi decided to trade with Diaz again and he got dominated.  Towards the end Malignaggi started boxing and jabbing again.  Diaz won the round with the bigger shots.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Diaz 10-9
8th Round:
Malignaggi boxed and jabbed and controled this round.  During the round Malignaggi's trunks began to fall off and hang really low.  The ref stopped the action a couple of times to break the fighters and NEVER pulled up Malignaggi's trunks.  This ref is horrible.
Commish: Malignaggi 10-9
Lederman:  Malignaggi 10-9
9th Round:
Diaz landed some bigger shots.  It was a close round.  It could have went either way.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9
10th Round:
This round was great with a lot of hard shots landed by both fighters early.  Malignaggi then started to dominate and began yelling at the announcers and clowning near the end.
Commish: Malignaggi 10-9
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9
11th Round:
Malignaggi found his comfort zone in this round.  He figured out that he needs to box and stop trading with Diaz and he could win.  He got very confident at this point in the fight.  Diaz looked more tentative at this point.  Malignaggi's speed seemed to be bothering Diaz.
Commish: Malignaggi 10-9
Lederman: Malignaggi 10-9
12th Round:
Diaz came out with a sense of urgency.  Diaz landed much harder shots to Malignaggi's pitter-patter shots.
Commish: Diaz 10-9
Lederer: Diaz 10-9
My scorecard had it 116-113 for Juan Diaz.
Harold Lederman's scorecard had it 115-113 for Paulie Malignaggi.
The OFFICIAL judges scorecards had it:
Gale Van Hoy: 118-110 Diaz
Raul Caiz: 115-113 Diaz
David Sutherland: 116-112 Diaz
Malignaggi was shocked by the decision and responded, "Boxing is full of #### every ####### fight!"
In other fights Saturday Night:
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Danny Jacobs (18-0 15 KO's) beat Ishe Smith (21-4 9 KO's) by unanimous decision.

Robert Guerrero (25-1 17 KO's) beat Malcolm Klassen (24-5 15 KO's) by unanimous decision.

Juergen Braehmer knocked out previously undefeated Aleksy Kuziemski (17-1 4 KO's) in the 11th round.
Robert Stieglitz (36-2 22 KO's) knocked out previously undefeated Karoly Balzsay (21-1 15 KO's) in the 11th round.
Eduard Gutknecht (17-0 7 KO's) beat Josival Lima Teixeira (13-4 10 KO's) by unanimous decision.