The Surprising Schumacher!

Stevenson JContributor IAugust 24, 2009

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - APRIL 02:  Michael Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 world champion, attends a press conference to  launch Bacardi's Global Resposibility Campaign in Schumacher's function as Global Social Responsibility Ambassador, at Autoworld Brussels on April 02, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo By Mark Renders/Getty Images)

   Schumi is always a surprising headline good: The Swiss election goes not only as a 40-year-old back Formula 1 race, Michael Schumacher will now also fly into space.

As the online magazine Arabian Business "reports, the Kerpener as another name for Richard Branson list. The founder of the first space tourism company now has 300 customers with a $ 200,000 (about 140,000 euros) expensive flight in the orbit of the earth have booked. Among them, according to the "Bild"-Zeitung alongside Michael Schumacher and Formula-1-colleague Niki Lauda, the physicist Stephen Hawking, designer Phillipe Stark and even ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair are.
By Spaceship One will be from 2011 at an altitude of 110 kilometers above the Earth go. There may be rich passengers five minutes to experience weightlessness.
All six experience this way: "They are immediately pressed into your seat, overwhelmed but at the same time fascinated by the noise of the rocket engine and the massive acceleration that might make your eyes water in the drives. In a few seconds you can reach a speed of nearly 4,000 km / h. "
Schumacher himself has not commented on the project. Schumacher manager Willi Weber said, but "image": "Michael should be times for his sponsor Omega with an airplane in the weightlessness. He was thrilled by the idea and had been very pleased with it. But of course that is still something completely different .
In the California desert has to Schumi three days before the flight to prepare for the awaited event.