Football In The State Of Alabama Has A Life Of Its Own

mpeskyContributor IMarch 1, 2017

In the maligned State of Alabama football is a matter of honor to the fans. You other folks have your NFL, MLB, and NBA but here in Alabama we have college football. You must remember that this is the state were we go to family reunions to pick up girls.  If it were not for Mississippi, Alabama would fininish dead last in just about every poll you can think of. Then there is football...yes football.

Finally a poll where Alabama can finish number one. 

We may not be the garden state of the United States but we do have The Crimson Tide. We have been waiting on another national championship since 1992. The next national championship will be number 13. It is not a question of if it will happen it is only when it will happen.

Yes Nick Saban deserves a raise and we will drive to the Alabama football games in our used Yugos. The Mercedes Benzs that are built near Tuscaloosa  are all shipped out of state. Only the coaches can afford a new Mercedes.

Things are better in Alabama these days. I have at least three neighbors that now have indoor plumbing. What a waste of money. I think that a ticket to a Alabama game is far better than indoor plumbing.

Will this be the year for number 13?