My Wrestling Soapbox: Thoughts from "The Guru"

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IAugust 25, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon (L) and wrestler Triple H appear in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Greetings to all the Stokesters and the rest of the B/R wrestling community (who should all be Stokesters). 

I have come out of "semi-retirement" to bring you the random thoughts of Demetrus E. Stokes that we have come to know and love as "My Wrestling Soapbox". 

It feels good to be back (for a short while at least). So without further ado, I am officially on "My Soapbox".

The Wrestling Guru?

It's cool being co-host of the best wrestling show in the world (Hit The Ropes) but I'm starting to be looked at in some folks eyes as a "guru". 

This is so far from the truth. 

While attending a SummerSlam viewing party with a crowd of people who know my status as co-host of HTR, I am asked just about every question in the book.

Who's going to win the Orton vs. Cena match? How about CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy? Was the fan really a fan or a "fake fan" planted by the WWE? Did you know Undertaker was coming back tonight? Can you read my palm? Am I'm going to fall in love? Where's Jimmy Hoffa? Do you believe in Santa? 

Folks, I know no more than the fan who reads the Internet. 

I may be privy to some information that you may not know by virtue of interviews that we conduct on the show, but that's about it. 

Once I do get Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett on speed dial, watch out!!


I'm hearing (and reading) people say that SummerSlam was arguably better than Wrestlemania. 

Cases can be made for SummerSlam that support this argument.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy was the best match of the night hands down! Call Jeff a "spot monkey" if you want. Heck, call him Bubbles or Donkey Kong, the guy flat out puts his body on the line in these type of matches. 

The ending with the Undertaker made me forget about the debacle that was Cena vs. Orton (almost). 

Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler was a great opener and The Great Khali vs. Kane was what I expected, which was a horrible display of wrestling. They are who we thought they were (in my best Dennis Green voice).

While SummerSlam did not have a match that rivals Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, I do think overall the card was more enjoyable to watch. 

I won't say better, yet. I'll have to go back and watch them both over again. 

TNA Talk

Moving on to "the other white meat" known as TNA, I must say...sorry I've got nothing. 

Oh yes, I do!

I  love the concept of having a Knockout tag team division. I think that this is a great way for TNA to separate their ladies from the Diva's of the WWE and show that they are superior. 

Hate the fact that TNA openly uses the WWE's name on television. Victoria...err Tara did it last week when stating that the WWE would never have a diva's tag division.   

TNA thinks because they have the entire WCW roster working for them that they are competition and that it benefits them to mention the WWE on their show.   

It's clear from the consistent 1.0 ratings that it's not working. Except your position as the No. 2 wrestling promotion, hope Ring of Honor doesn't catch you and keep it moving.

The things that give you a distant advantage over WWE is not wowing viewers enough to change the channel. Maybe it has something to do with all of the old guys dominating the television time.

Sure guys like Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, ok the entire Main Event Mafia can still "draw" for live events, but they are not bringing in the ratings. 

For the 1,000,250,000th time, let the young guys take the reigns! I don't want to say it again, but I'm sure I'll have to. 

Do to the fact that it makes me feel old to watch guys wrestling that I watched 20 years ago, I feel like a honorary member of the Main Event Mafia.

Building New Stars

I know that Vince McMahon is a proud, old, stubborn man. 

He's made a living building wrestlers into megastars. 

Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, the list can go on for days.

Lately though, Vince has hit a bit of a rough patch and is growing frustrated that he's unable to build new stars as his current ones get older. 

So I was thinking, what can Vince possibly do to build new stars for the WWE? 

Taking a page out of the "Book of Eric Bischoff", he should just buy them. 

This is so out of Vince's character as he enjoys getting the credit for creating great stars, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Signing ROH's Bryan Danielson is a start. He's a great wrestler, but wrestled in a promotion that didn't necessarily care about "character development". 

That will all change in the WWE and hopefully Vince and the rest of the creative team will be able to develop a great character for Danielson. 

What about Nigel McGuinness? AJ Styles? Samoa Joe? All extremely popular in their current promotions, but if given a shot in the WWE can be taken to another level. 

Add these names to John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Legacy, The Hart Dynasty, and CM Punk and you've got a great future ahead of you. 

Vince just may have to swallow some pride and open up his wallet. 

Wrestling Rehab

This last thought is just totally off the top of my silly brain. 

Wouldn't it be funny if there was a reality show just with wrestlers who need rehab.

Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick, Grandmaster Sexay, Chyna, Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, Randy Orton, X-Pac, Scott Hall, and CM Punk would star in the show.

I know you're asking why CM Punk? Well he would serve as the designated driver in each episode and in the season finale he would get a "contact high" from riding with Kendrick and Hardy smoking with the windows up. 

Would Punk become a "blazer" now that he's been exposed to the ganja? What suspense, going into season two!   

I think I'm on to something! Maybe if this radio gig doesn't work out, I'll have a future in film.

Alright folks, another edition of "The Soapbox" is in the books. I'm officially off the box!

Tune into Hit The Ropes Radio this Wednesday at 6:00 PM on! Our guest will be TNA star "The Black Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (formerly Elijah Burke). Also go to to enter the "Smack The Mic" contest. 


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