All Eyes on the Dolphin's Recievers Tonight

john renshawContributor IAugust 27, 2009

MIAMI - AUGUST 17:  Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. #19 of the Miami Dolphins looks for room to run against the Jacksonville Jaguars during a preseason game at Landshark Stadium on August 17, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

All eyes will be on the Miami wide receivers tonight as they battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ted Ginn is clearly the number one guy, and he is a major fantasy sleeper. Remember you read that here frist. He is going to tear it up this year.

The Dolphins have a ton of depth at the wide receiver spot, but nobody knows who the number two and three guys will be.

I say Greg Camarillo is still the main man behind Ginn. Coach Sparano has barely played Camarillo in the first two games against Jacksonville and Carolina. I don’t know if he will play that much tonight. It doesn’t matter. Sparano is hiding him from the rest of the league, hoping they will think his knee is still injured.

But Camarillo was incredibly smooth, quick, and efficient in the offseason, and I say he will be fine. Anyway, Sparano is trying to see what he has in the other guys.

Despite a recent case of the drops, Davone Bess is going to be all over the field this year. He is quick, but not fast. He is one of the hardest receivers in the league to cover, but he isn’t going to break away for a lot of touchdowns. His slants and underneath routes will remain effective.

This game against Tampa is really about a couple of battles. Patrick Turner against Brian Hartline, and Brandon London against Anthony Armstrong.

Sparano is in love with Hartline and he has a shot to not only beat Turner, but to pass Bess or Camarillo if I am wrong about them. Turner must have big numbers tonight. He has all the skills in the world and had a great run at mini-camp. Turner needs to turn that into game day proficiency tonight.

The London-Armstrong battle comes down to who is better on special teams. Pure and simple. So those guys will be going nuts on coverage tonight.