Chicago Bulls Win Draft Lottery—Here's a Look at Who They'll Take

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 20, 2008

So the highly unlikely scenario of the Bulls wining the lottery has come to fruition. Here is who I think they will draft, along with the rest of the lottery

1. Chicago: Micheal Beasley- The Bulls need a dominant four and Beasly will provide them with athletisim, scoring, and rebounding at that position

2. Miami: Derick Rose- Rose+Wade=super backcourt for the next five years. Add Shawn Marion to that mix and they will be a condender for years to come.

3. Minnesota: Brooke Lopez- Lopez combined with incumbent Al Jefferson could be an incredible frontcourt for the next five years. If some of those players from Boston begin to pan out, they should be a respectable team as early as next season.

4. Seattle: Jerrod Bayless- The Sonics will draft a franchise PG and move on to Oklahoma City.

5. Memphis: DeAndre Jordan- Memphis seems to be in no hurry to get better in the near future, so they'll take the big man who has one of the highest upsides in the draft, but will take some time to develop.

6. New York: Donte Green- The Knicks draft picks never seem to make sense, so I'll say they take the local kid even though there are better prospects available.

7. Los Angeles: OJ Mayo- The Clips will be estatic when Mayo is still on the board. He's a local who could go great with bigs such as Chris Kaman and Al Thornton in the future

8. Milwaukee: Anthony Randolph- Randolph may take some time to develop, but the Bucks could go 7 foot, 6'11 and 6'11 accros their front line if Randolph plays the three.

9. Charlotte: Kevin Love- Love is a good all-around player who will be a great fit in the front court for a young, rapidly developing team.

10. New Jersey: Danilo Gallinari- Gallinari is a solid player, who will fit into the rotation right away and make an immediate impact.

11. Pacers: Russell Westbrook- The Pacers take their future PG in this slot. Westbrook has proved to be a terrific athlete in his two years at UCLA.

12. Kings: Joe Alexander- I love this guy. He is a very good athlete, a good shooter, and an all-out hustle player.

13. Portland: DJ Augustin- Some think he is a top-five pick, and some believe he belongs at the bottom of the first round. I think Portland likes him at 13 to pick up their point guard of the future.

14. Golden State: Kosta Kuofos: Kuofos is just what the Warriors need. He's a solid big who can step outside and hit the three.


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