The MMA Fan Roundtable: Fans Speak Out About The Fedor/Lesnar Issue

shoguncdnCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2009

So much has been written about Fedor's decision to sign with Strikeforce. Many pundits have weighed in with their thoughts. But lost among the voices has been the fan who supports the combative arts.

I thought it would be only be fair to sit down with these fans and get their thoughts on the situation. To that end I set up a discussion panel with a couple of fans who have declared themselves experts on MMA to see what the real deal was.

Interviewer: Guys thank you very much for sitting down with me to...

BB: Warrrrr Lesnar!!

TS: Lesnar rules!!

Interviewer: Uh...ok. Sounds like you guys are huge MMA fans, so my first question then...

BB: Wait, what are you talking about. What is this MMA thing? Is that like a World of Warcraft game or something?

TS: Yeah, what the hell man. I thought we were going to talk about UFC. Wooo! Lesnar 4-1 baby!

Interviewer: Well we are going to talk about the UFC which is part of the MMA scene.

BB: Listen, I don't know what this MMA thng you are talking about is, but I've been a fan since the UFC started back at UFC 100 Brock Lesnar pretty much came on to the scene and became the man!

TS: Damn straight. No one in the history of fighting can hold Lesnar's jock, trust me I tried one day and nearly fell over.

(TS and BB high five each other at this point, or at least they tried. They actually missed and fell off their chairs.)

Interviewer: Ok, sounds like you are fans of the UFC's heavyweight champ.

BB: No man, the WORLD heavyweight champ.

Interviewer: Right and that's what we came to discuss because some would argue that Fedor...

TS: Screw Fedor! I don't even know if I believe in Fedor. Has the guy ever been on the Ultimate Fighter? No. So who is this guy? Sounds like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, he probably doesn't even exist.

BB: Wait, what'd you say about Santa Claus?

Interviewer: Let's stick to the topic. Some would say Fedor is still the best heavyweight in the world.

BB: Ba-lo-ney. Who has the guy fought? If you want to be the best you have to fight the best. Who has Fedor fought, no quality fighters.

Interviewer: Well his last two victories were against top ten fighters.

TS: Big deal they sucked!

Interviewer: Why is that?

BB: Because they weren't in the UFC man! What don't you understand?

Interviewer: So they were in the top 10..

BB: Yep.

Interviewer: But they sucked.

TS: Sucktastic!

Interviewer: But if they were in the UFC, they would be quality opponents.

BB: Warrrrr UFC!

Interviewer: You have some drool on your chin there.

BB: Happens all the time, next question.

Interviewer: Now people acknowledge that Lesnar is a physical speciman but there are questions about whether his record really demonstrates the kind of dominance that Fedor has amassed over the last 8 years.

TS: What are you talking about man? In hs first fight they put Lesnar in against a guy with 3...count 'em, 3 wins.

BB: Yeah, then he fought Herring, who was in the UFC so you know what that means.

TS: The guy had a 2 fight undefeated streak before he lost man!

Interviewer: Ok I guess that is impressive but Fedor does have an undfeated streak that can be measured in years. Doesn't this mean anything?

BB: It means he fought chumps.

Interviewer: But one of the people he beat was Nog.

TS: Yeah but when he beat Nog, Nog wasn't in the UFC, so that means...

Interviewer: Right he wasn't the best at the time.

BB: Dang man, you learn fast. Stick with us, we'll teach you all about fighting and what not.

TS: Shoot, we got to go man, Junie Browning is giving a seminar on "How to Make Friends". We out!








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